She trembles at your touch.

Lips parted.
Eyes wide.

The submissive experience is now available.

I am available now in Northern New Jersey, United States! To contact me, visit

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I am available now in Northern New Jersey, New Jersey, United States! To contact me, visit

One spot left for my tour! Reach out for the evening of August 19 (this Wednesday) if you’re ready to make some magic happen. ♥️

Two nights later, and I’m just finishing the hummus! Shame no one’s here to revel in my garlic breath. 😜 Another delightful evening with one of my all-time favorite suitors. To paraphrase a wise man: not just a terrific client, but a terrific human. 💕

May take a quick swim before tonight’s adventure.... Depends on if these clouds play nice 😜 Any excuse to break out my new bikini! ✨

‪To all of my strong independent women👸🏾👸🏻👸🏽👸🏼👸🏿.... own that sh*t!

A new member has joined the Tryst family! 🎉 You can now find Northern New Jersey's on Tryst:

HEADS UP: Joe the rapist is texting tonight from 917-403-1343. Please RT for visibility and Google searches

*cracking up*
there's drama happening in this bird watching facebook group i'm in because this one person keeps posting bird memes that are screenshots from porn and they just add captions to it like these

Anyone have a patch of hair down there?
Boost = yes :)

Just a heads up-- I will accept only one more appointment in NYC before closing booking. This would be an evening appointment on May 30 -- between 6 and 9 PM (there's a 69 joke hidden in there somewhere hehehe). This is because I don't want to overwork myself, and I really want to savor a taste of the city while I have the chance. Will you be the lucky one? 😘

I want the job where you push scared skydivers out of planes.

Dangerous client in the NY/NJ area hitting up providers thru Eros with a new email. Stay vigilant, make sure you run his name, and don’t let him slide on screening as others did. 💕 More info by PM.

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