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I just updated my tours on my @TrystNA profile! Catch me in Santa Rosa, Pleasanton, San Francisco, Fremont, and Concord soon. To pre-book, visit

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Summer is here! And I’m fully vaccinated and ready to play! Thank you for getting vaccinated too!

Now a little about me: I'm a knockout Asian bliss babe offering mouthwatering beauty, trance inducing massage & hedonistic artistry. Hope to rub you the right way... soon!

Location: San Francisco

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So, COVID isn't an STD as long as you avoid anal play. But then there's the 6' rule, and none of us guys are more than 6' long. (Don't believe anyone who says otherwise.) Social distancing during sex just doesn't work well.

Would glory hole sex with a provider be COVID safe? Would it be worth the effort? Not sure.

So what's safe casual sex like in the time of Covid-19? Mutual masturbation from 6 feet away, followed by covered doggie style with minimum possible flesh-to-flesh contact?

It doesn't sound very fun, but I'm sure that somebody must have a fetish for that.

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🎃🌻🍁🍂🧡💛❤️ Bring me anything Fall/October related that you think is cute and get a discount! 😘

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Hello Switter.
I need your help.

My best friend Miss @SabrinaLuv is in need of assistance. The father of their children has turned his back on his family and they need help.

I've started a GoFundMe page:

If you want more information, you can visit my blog here:

She is an excellent and loving mother & a great friend to our community. Please take a look and help out.

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Hey LB, I might try that diet. I need to do something. Exercise without diet isn't doing my waistline much good.

They say your metabolism goes up with exercise, But then so does my appetite.

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bang me like a screen door in a hurricane
off folsom bradshaw
or uber me to you

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still trying to run away, need as much as i get
and or down to trade for a room
im pretty open minded at this point just hit me up with what and how much and asap
promise i wont be offended.


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Do you like The ValleyScott Blog?

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Help me celebrate my birthday by booking an appointment with me!

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Yomiko back today
working time : Monday to Saturday.
11:00am to 9:30 pm.
SCREENING REQUIRED for our mutual pleasure
PREBOOK available for familiar friends. .

Contact: 408-649-0882

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Jeni back to san jose .. availability from Monday to Friday .. 10:30 am to 8:00pm
Pls contact ::( texting only ) 415-761-1065 for reservations
.. provide reference check for new customers..thanks.-and regarding..

Location: San
Contact: 415-761-1065

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Definition of a modern muse: “The gift are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is that one you think of when you first awake.” - Roman Payne

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It's my birthday month! I'm accepting gifts obviously.

P.O. Box 3884
Berkeley CA

Venmo: JadeRose83
Cash app: MissJadeRose83

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SF Bay Area Muse: & () sessions.

- 40 inches in the back
- 32Gs in the front
- All natural, yes, including hair down there
- Big blue eyes
- Body crafted by vegan diet and time in the gym
- Real life nerd who loves sci-fi, especially Fringe, X-Files and anything dystopian.

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