I liked it when Switter was smaller. To many fakes profiles now and pics of someone else. Guess everything goes thru growing pains eventually.
On another note, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Sunday.

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Gonna turn on my laptop and watch so naughty movies . Since nobody wants to play with me .... I guess I have to play with myself !!

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Looks like Michael Kors bought out Versace. I bet old Gianni is rolling over in his grave right now. So I guess no more Versace gifts since Michael Kors is definitely not my style.
Hope everyone else is having a wonderful and safe day

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I’m like a blue agave plant— I look sharp on the outside, but I’m full of tequila on the inside

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@theprettyparis7 @Bambicakes

It may sound a little corny, but the old adage that "beauty is skin deep" and "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" are really quite true.

I have "met" several beautiful women on switter and I have no idea what they look like.

Confidence is sexy!

Intelligence is sexy!

The ability to make other people laugh and smile is sexy!!

Just a little early morning bigg old guy input!!

Hope you have a wonderful day my loves!! 😘💛😘

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If you need Switter support, please email support@assemblyfour.com instead of contacting me.

If there's a problem with a post or an account, use the block/report button instead of contacting me.

This is so that our team can respond rather than just me.

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Do a search of the provider's phone number. If multiple providers in multiple locations pop up, you're not dealing with a solo independent provider.

At best, you're dealing with an agency.

At worst, you're dealing with a "managed" group of providers.

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In Las Vegas trying to navigate the waters of sexual encounters in a post apocalyptic FOSTA environment. Any ideas?

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Sex Facts (a series)

Having sex at least once per week can lower a man’s risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50%, & diabetes by 40%. It has also been shown that men with an active sex life are more likely to live past 80 years.

Pro-tip: seeing me could keep you healthy 👍

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James Benson even brought his dog to my house. Oboe 1 known. Like star trek . First time perfect 2nd time 3k fake.

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Hey Ladies of Switter in the LA/SoCal Area.

Beware of this Jackass...James Benson...

Boost and Forward to your fellow SW peeps...

Contact @Adriannaazzure for specific details.

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Call me I’m available tonight in the East Bay, San Leandro, Castro Valley You won’t be disappointed 702-764-5444.

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"There are two types of people in the world: those that you want to drink wine with, or those that make you want to drink wine."

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Good morning Twitter admirers. I will be available for outcalls only today from 9:30am -11pm. Also dinner dates and Skype sessions.

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Come and enjoy a sexy fun filled afternoon with me. It's Hump-Me Hump-Day. Let's do the Humpty Dance

Text me to schedule an appointment. Same day availability. (650)295-9084

Sitting in a business meeting and bored so I'm on my iPad checking out Switter. If I wasn't the boss and own the company, I'd fire me lol.
Anyways I come across @Sweetnicole and @xLexcLoveex in a tittie Tuesday boob posting frenzy. Now I'm grinning like an idiot from ear to ear like a man possessed and they are all looking at me like im crazy lol. Hard to find 2 more beautiful,down to earth people like those 2 are. My meeting definitely is a little more enjoyable now.
Thank you ladies😊

Everytime I watch Pretty Woman, it brings out the hopeless romantic in me. Where's my Vivian??? Lol

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