I'm off to get my sister, then getting some food...yum

@LoganBishop ive heard racoons can be brutal...you are toooooooo sweet...I love animals...I'm house and dog sitting again...so that always helps

@Daveburke just they did whatever they wanted. Even when I said no, they took it as I was playing, so they threw more money down and did what they wanted

@LoganBishop hey stranger...been a long time. Been a bad week, not able to do much work, my sister was having a hard time, but things are good now. What have you been up to?

@Daveburke oh yeah, paid well..so I guess that made everything ok...at least in their minds.

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I think I’m claustrophobic. Claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces. For example: It is 10:45pm and I’m on my way to the liquor store and I’m scared that it’s closed.

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Working my first bachelor party tonite...leaving in about 30 mins...should be fun and help pay for my rent increase.

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Happy Father’s Day to every man I’ve ever called daddy

When your friend turns out to be just another wanna be pimp. Being used and being his punching bag finally got to me. Guess I'll be working more streets since the jobs he lined up are gone. Oh well, that's life. Stay safe everyone, don't trust anyone.

Had a guy want to tie me up...I'm all, no. He goes I'll pay extra, it's just a lot of fun. I'm still NO. I mean...wtf..my first time with a guy and that. I don't get guys.

Going to try out my new uniform today for the drivers and warehouse guys. It's their pay day, hope its my pay day too..lol.

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@thephunkeemonkee @Jessie_Sweetz my two cents... guys should follow a provider for awhile so you can get a sense of if your personalities will click. it’ll always be somewhat of a gamble, but that’s one way to minimize risk and disappointment. imagine if every guy wanted to go out for dinner or drinks first to “sample” a girl without paying for her time. donations aren’t for intimate acts, they are for time spent together whether you’re eating dinner or fucking her brains out.

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@Jessie_Sweetz You could ask for a free sample of his money, just to see if you like it.

My friend got me this bikini for last weekend. Amazing how many guys wanted to meet me...and how many I was able to meet...lol...now if only my body was this good.

Had a time waster...said he wanted to get together and if we liked each other, it would be beneficial to me...cuz he is generous. Yet wanted to sample me for free.

I checked with legal aid, and I"m safe, as long as I don't look for customers...lol. I'm going to speak to that college class about my experience as a sw. Will be interesting since im younger or the same age as the other students... I got the questions they will ask, so I'm prepared...Should be fun...hopefully therapeutic too

This gave me a laugh. A friend suggested I offer free bj's to teachers cuz of teacher appreciation week. I'm all, not counting the perv teachers we all had, most teachers could care less about sex. Now give them a book or cool tv show...they will get all excited.just not sex....lol...

I got a mssg from a guy asking if doing any of this embarrasses me. I had to laugh. I suck dicks for a living, why would anything else embarrass me? I love the looks I get of guys wanting me, it's a rush.

A friend is getting me a new work outfit. Good for the areas where my truckers park and the warehouse parking lots. They will be able to see what they are getting and will be certain I'm not a cop. No place for a badge or gun, lol. I love this outfit. I think it says me.

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