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A couple days ago I recorded a video of me taking a deep dicking from a horsecock dildo

You can find round two of that which includes some sloppy deepthroating (and me remembering to unmute my mic, whoops) on my onlyfans~

Haven't really had the energy to do much of anything under this stage name, maybe that will change soon, maybe not. I haven't even been posting that many nudes to @sixyad even though I'm quite active on that account (also yeah I've given up any pretense of not linking these identities lmao, not like it wasn't a quick google images search away)

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Been a minute since I've used this account. Got a new public video up, link in the last boosts from my personal afterdark.

just recorded myself taking quite a bit of silicone horsecock uwu

Exodus Cry and Nick Kristof need to fuck off

Of course I'd come back to my sex work account and start talking tech lmao

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Over my hiatus I've ended up feeling like I'm not very happy with my website. I think I'm gonna figure out using a proper SSG like Jekyll instead of a Wordpress + WP2Static install

Onlyfans Post 

Of course it's not till the *last* day of my vacation that my IBS isn't acting up enough that I can put stuff up my butt

Here's a preview image~

New porn video 

Enby Birthday Girl with Oral Fixation Deepthroats several Dildos

Probably not going to be anything from me for a while, unfortunately. Going through a spell of particularly bad mental health, especially for things relating to sex.

Techposting on my porn account 

I really need to get a static site generator figured out so I can build my own website instead of having my domain name redirect to my modelhub profile.

I mostly need to find a good site template/theme

low angle close-up porn clip of me riding a dildo (1:11) 

My webcam's broke, but that just means experimenting with the placement now~

Hope to get some stuff with higher production values out in the near future, especially now that I seem to be good to regularly resume butt stuff 🍑

You can find my longer videos and send me a tip if you want at 😘

Links to my porn, Pornhub Free Premium promo 

With Pornhub offering a free week of Premium, it's a good chance to check out my premium videos! If you like them enough, maybe even consider buying them~

Breaking In A New Fleshlight (35:24)
Taking a Demon's Virginity (8:43, 60 fps)
Trans Schoolgirl Deepthroats a Double Dildo (11:19, 60 fps)
Queer Pokémon Trainer rides Lucario Dildo (12:48, 60 fps)

New video! In "Breaking In A New Fleshlight" I use a brand new clear stroker and break a inside~
The cut-down 11-minute preview is free on Pornhub:
And the 35-minute full video is available for $10 on Modelhub as well as Pornhub Premium streaming:

Guess I may as well reboot this account now that I'm in PH's model payment program (yes I know they're a shitty company I do not need to be lectured about that).

You can find my free videos at and paid videos at (or stream them from PH Premium)


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