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Guess I may as well reboot this account now that I'm in PH's model payment program (yes I know they're a shitty company I do not need to be lectured about that).

You can find my free videos at and paid videos at (or stream them from PH Premium)


Of course it's a mirror selfie. Hey if nobody else is here to appreciate my ass, I gotta do it myself!


i used to be really into body writing, but never explored it much outside of drawn porn because writing on *myself* is a little difficult

maybe with other people to do it for me,,,

$$$ help, boosts appreciated 

The later part of the year always seem to really hit me hard mentally, physically and financially.

I'm gonna be away again bc my mental health has gotten to the point where the physical pain I've been experiencing along with it has gotten unbearable. I can't go get it checked out so I'm just doing my best to manage it.

But I still need some help while I'm gone.

I have to pay my annual subscription fee for the service I use to get my birth control on the 6th (which is like $20) and I really need to get more toiletries and some aids to help me with the pain I've been dealing with lately.

I'm hoping to get ~$600 since it should be enough to cover for half of the month with some stuff left over for minor emergencies

Any help would be appreciated~$melaninpony

I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those or if you want to get me anything nice

(I'll be updating some of those soon when I have the spoons)


decided to go with gender dysphoria for my interpretation of the prompt's theme, demonstrated by the need to shave my facial hair

CWs for eye contact, shaving

Hmm, found that Switter seems to block the VPN service that I use (Mullvad) or at least some of its endpoints. That's… concerning, given this instance's purpose.

painplay kink bruise, leg pic 

somemany special made sure we'd have a gay mark to remember her by~

re: Urgent $$$ help, boosts greatly appreciated, appended 

Big bills are finally out of the way and I just need to get some more food very soon as I REALLY running low

Plus I need to get some more toiletries and I'm probably going to plan on replacing some menstrual products I use since it's getting close to replacing them$melaninpony

I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those

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Channeling my inner femboy (cw eye contact, bottomless but no genitals)

So far I have 10 videos for sale, 1 free video, a paid photoset, and 8 assorted photos on my MV profile~

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