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If I read wrong then just ignore me ha ha ha 😆

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Come get your Tuesday fix & rough me up a little. In a , , perfectly-sore-after kind of mood today.


Text/email w/
Name, age, & refs or verification
Gfe, pse, or bdsm
Amt of time
Incall or out

For rates & reviews

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What's your fave? The totally-spent, blissed-out glow you get after a long sesh of & total sensual overload, or a chipper "I-can-take-on-the-world" high after a spectacular finish?
Come to my & I'll make sure we get you to one of those two places...maybe even both. 9172946492

To book, refs & verify first. NO exceptions.

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Good lessons come in all sorts of packages
And I'm sure you have one for me ;)

Last day in the loft for the summer. Cum help me pack it in ;)
all day
if you qualify :licking_lips:

Next week check out some new digs.
Getting fancy in 6/17-6/23
a must

Want the vanilla or the twist?

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@JaseCoop yay! Congrats!!! Better than what I would have done 😩😩

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It is your birthday today?? If so... Happy Happy Day Of Birth!!! 🎊🎈🎁
I hope you had a fantastic day!! Direct mail me your email so I can send a gift in the form of a sexy pic!! 💋💋

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😈Premium Snapchat available! 😈
Get updates of your favorite Moroccan Latina Princess daily!

🐟 pics daily for $25/month🐟
🐬 videos daily for $50/month🐬
🐳 pics & videos daily for $75/month🐳

👑 Princess lifetime membership pics and videos: $120👑

(Venmo, cash app or PayPal accepted)

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☀️ The weather is beautiful today! ☀️
Sun out buns out. 😝

all day! and available in and !

Book this all today! Let’s play and get together 💦

Book your adventure today! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have it all!

🌞 e-mail

🌞 website

🌞 tryst

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🎉🎉 P A R T Y T I M E🎉🎉

Celebrate this week with Yessenia! Your own with hair and !

This is 💦dripping adventurous and ready for all your desires!

SF &
Weekdays: 2pm-12am
Weekends: 11am-12am



🎊Private Delights:

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@JaseCoop @preferred411 oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I truly appreciate you and your amazing words of kindness! ❤️ 🔥 🦄 ✨ 😍

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Happy Father's Day😍
Wanna hug my tits, then less worries
Your Cock addict is here for ya :licking_lips:

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