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Autonomous, black land takeover by unhoused neighbors in Philly.

!!! twitter.com/JPeters2100/status

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In , has been growing, and has issued a set of abolitionist demands. Please support them and amplify their struggle. twitter.com/PHLTenantsUnion/st

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“We just want permenant housing” - Ronald Story, a leaser among the Unhoused at


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If y’all will indulge me, I’ma use this Bon Appetite situation as an opportunity to get on one of my personal favorite soapboxes...

Please, please, PLEASE start talking to each other about how much money you make. I KNOW it’s uncomfortable. I know we’ve been conditioned not to.

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middle siblings have more de-escalation training than cops do

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I seen the baddest bitch today!

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stoners are a different breed

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A thread of when my ex bf caught me having sex with his homie. It was 2am and I was home alone so I was bored and I called his homeboy to help me out with a school quiz. So hb pulled up and things spiced up rq. Y’all won’t believe what happened when he told me that

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Proof that Beyoncé cheated on Jay-Z: A THREAD

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June 2nd is International Whores Day.

It commemorates the storming & takeover of a church in 1975 in France by street based sex workers & supporters in protest against police harassment, arrests & lack of interest in solving SW murders & other crimes committed against SWs.

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I have begun a Mutual Aid Fund for Black/Brown sex workers of the Chicagoland Area.

Fundraising for local sex workers who have been negatively effected by COVID-19 & the rising p*lice state
June 2nd is International Sex Workers Day, consider donating.


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Happy IWD from all of us at @HeauxHistory@twitter.com

During blackout day, make sure you’re still amplifying the voices of Black SWers. Celebrate the contributions of Black SWers to this movement. AND SHARE THOSE COINS AND RESOURCES!!!!

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"HOW TO DONATE TO BLM WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY." spread this and read!!! it's so so important and helpful, and can be done so so easily!!!

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Protesting, during a global pandemic, is grueling, expensive work. I’m not on hiatus, just deprioritizing work fora moment to be on the front lines.

If you would like to assist, pls DM/email me for my Venmo. 💕 twitter.com/brejolie2/status/1

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Use your platform and wallet to uplift a black sex worker. Retweet, subscribe, book them or even a few bucks of generosity shows your solidarity.

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Black SWers involved in demonstrations or in need DM me for relief funds. We got some more donations today!

Black trans women are the light and the way.

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