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Executive Dysfunction looks like:

I sit down to do my homework. I decide I need water first. I go get water. While I'm drinking water I realize I haven't had breakfast. I stick toast in the toaster. I go to the restroom. I decide the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.

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RETWEET this is you’re a provider who is okay with having other providers (of all genders) book you for a date— platonic or otherwise. ☺️

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What are we getting into today? Available in the Newark/North Jersey area

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Plans have changed, and I won’t be going on hiatus for the winter.

...But I’m excited that my schedule has opened a bit because there are some NYC-bound babes I can’t wait to spend time with..
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Four men resembling self raising flour have called me “chocolate “ and it’s still morning. I’m going to go meditate. Stop reducing me to food and a fetish please.

Real gfe is this whiny dramatic ass text I sent this morning lmao

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This might get me called a prude or something but I actually got beef with this.

Observation is participation, & I'm guessing the folks on that subway didn't consent to participating.

This is bad consent culture. twitter.com/JstFindomThings/st

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Black lace is a classic fav, but a tight leopard dress comes in a close second... but my true favorite is wearing nothing at all...

I'll release strap-on pics at 60 retweets!
Will return the favor for other providers. 💋


Worst part being an adult is that you have to put Vick’s on your own back! Life was better when my mom used to do it for me!

I always forget how expensive cold medicine is until I have to actually buy cold medicine and I’m leaving cvs with a mile long receipt and $50 less in my account

Here’s how hot I am when my sinuses aren’t swollen and I can breathe normally!!!

I know I’m a full fledged adult but if I lived close to my mom I would absolutely still hightail my ass to her house so she could take care of me when I’m sick

At first I thought this was just a regular cold but this is like if a cold grew chest hair

I am sick, please send soup 😭 I feel like a groggy, gross human/goblin hybrid right now

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this isn't really what twitter is for, but ten years ago today my son died and I basically never talk about it with anyone other than my wife. it's taken me ten years to realize that I want to talk about it all the time.

this is about grief

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i hope the revolutionary that tweeted--
"'ew she fuck the weed man for weed' -a bitch thats fucking the text man for texts"
--is having a good day today

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If an employer ever says “We’re like a family here” what they mean is they’re going to ruin you psychologically

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my kink is being dommed into being kinder to myself. being forced to celebrate my small victories. making me build a positive self-image. disallow me from getting in the way of my own success. stop me from self-sabotage. forced mental health.

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