I’m in the Baltimore area. I’m not getting any younger! I’ve always wanted to video/photo an encounter with a beautiful woman. No face shots would be taken during the session. If any of you very awesome and sexy ladies are willing to help me out please let me know. I’m thinking $1,000 for a 2hr session. This will allow us a hr to get to introduce ourselves and a hr for the memory to last me.

No footage will be shared! Except to you!

Thank you ladies! Stay sexy! Love you ALL!

Oh how far I’ve come in my life! I’m ready to be the most amazing part of your day! Whoever is around me is always happy because I’m always happy. Well, I do fight for happiness today. I am known to get quite protective over my happy energy. Good times and good vibes. I will be your buddy, lover, or your Daddy! I aim to please!😉

It’s my birthday and I’m so happy! I can’t believe I lived to see this age. 41yrs old and I thought I’d be dead by 25. My life is great today. I’m sexy! I’m healthy! Most importantly I get to see all of you sexy beautiful smart hot courageous women make your stand in this world and crush it! I wish all of you the best! I honestly wish I had enough money to throw all of us the biggest party ever. I’m grateful for you all. One day I hope I can spend quality time with you all. Showing some love!😘😘

I’m back! I missed everyone and hope all of you beautiful people are doing great! I must admit I’ve been very lonely and missing being in the company of a lovely companion. I’m in the area, so if any of you find friends are in the area; I would love to spend for some amazing quality time with someone who would enjoy putting a huge smile on my face! Love all of you very deeply!😘

I’m a cute, handsome, or....? I can’t get out to meet ladies with my job. I need some uplifting stuff here ladies...lol. But please tell it like it is because I’m a big boy and can take it. Sleep tight tonight sexy ladies!😉😉😉

I’m a passionate guy who works a ton. I love my kids and with my job I don’t get out much. I’m caring, loving, and would love to show you in person. I have a good amount of tats and everything still works very well on me. I’ve been told my 👅 is 💯to make you 💦💦💦. I will ask only that you 🙈🙉🙊

Location: Maryland
Contact: jbart1980@gmail.com


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