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Are you ready to serve?
If you are ready to serve and worship the Mistresses of the House of J, send an email to with the subject Session Request containing the following information:

Your name (or pseudonym), your age, your location.
Your interest(kinks), the Mistress you wish to see, and any add-ons you may be interested in.
Your hard limits
You will receive a message reviewing your request, along with a notification of an expected tribute. Once completed we Play

Are you ready to serve?

The Empress
You will Never be worthy of The Empress
Venmo: ladydomina-byte

The HeadMistress
All Powerful,Female Authority Figure
Venmo: ladyjaye_stl

The Countess
Your Sadistic Nighmare
Venmo: CountessJai


Just bought a new suction dildo. Watch me ride it tomorrow night:

The Countess is always looking for new beta's to devour. If you could be that lucky Tortured soul she'd use for her Sadistic pleasure.


I saw you. Hiding that dirty Magazine in your desk. I'll see you in my office after class.

Corporeal Punishment is a good place to start. Strip and Bend over for The HeadMistress


The Countess

Tying you down and locking you away for days will be the greatest Pleasure you will ever Feel. The Countess is ready to Feast. Whose ready to have the Privilege of being her next meal


The Countess knows your sins, the Countess knows your faults, the Countess knows how badly you want Her. And She thinks it's fucking hilarious.

Being a Submissive to the @HouseofJ_Femdom Will bring you limitless purpose in a vanilla life you've been wanting to leave. Submission to the House of J is not a game, Not a phase, not playtime. The House Of J will be your life

The House Of J_ Femdom is having a BDSM play party this weekend. As well as new photo's and video's coming. Get a session with one of Our Powerful Femdoms while you can. The Empress, The Headmistress, and The Countess are in the mood to play


A Fetish Exhibition

Imagine yourself at the mercy of your Mistress, kneeling at Her feet, filling with anticipation for what She has planned for you. Now imagine that all around you are the faces of strangers, each of them watching with apt attention. They know as well as you do that your Mistress has something twisted planned, and they are hungry, ready to watch you be taken apart.



The Empress is the chosen diety of all who wish to know the deepest secrets and the greatest ecstasies. The modern world may have forgotten how to properly worship a Woman, but the Empress is here to Remind But only if you are worthy.

Specialities: , , , sensation play, , caring domination,

.louis chicago

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