Dear Switter Peeps,
The spam is going out of control on our site & within our community. Please be diligent to report and block any of the following sites containing any bit. link, such as this.

Please be considerate to our admin as they are doing their best to modify site access requirements in an attempt to minimize this spam. Please just block & report so that we send a message to those idiots who think we’re stupid!

Stay Sxxxy Switter!

@HobbyWannabee @switter @lilli156lustre
I don’t like to block anyone but I have found blocking these “free date me now beauties” cleans up my timeline.

@n @HobbyWannabee Hey Sweetie, Have a great 4th of July. Miss ya!👄

@HobbyWannabee Love the name of the wine. How does it taste? lol

@HobbyWannabee @switter you often boost accounts that are fake so you gotta be careful too

@sgttras @switter
Its a process bud. And I know I am as prone to wanting to believe in that profile as anyone.

I am fine with false positives in lieu of getting blasted by that 1 of 20 poorly written profiles with an angry provider who doxes me up and down the board...

Thanks for your input. Have a great day sir.

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