Website or Verification Source
Phone (Text Only 4 Appt.)
Stats: Age/Measurements

Home Base City/Area

Tour/Travel Schedule (1 mth out)

Personal Profile - Hobby Personality /Traits best known for

Services (SWs)/Desired Services (Client) General terms GFE/PSE/FBSM/BDSM

Ads/Social Media

Currency Exchange


Thank you beautiful!

I wish you a pasture of red roses, endless decadent chocolates and a hot, steamy coconut oil Nuru Massage luv!

Happy Valentines Day to you!

@HobbyWannabee Hmmmm That sounds very erotic ...

You as well!😘

@HobbyWannabee How is everything? How is your daughter making out? I have been thinking about you..☺️



I like to see prices too.

Not everyone posts them, sometimes they have a reason to not post prices. Maybe a ballpark would be helpful so we don't waste echeother's time.

@HobbyWannabee @wildman76

I am totally going to use a lot of this format. I am learning more and more about social media and I really appreciate the tip. Happy

@BrittanyDancer @wildman76

Glad it will be useful for you. Do not be afraid to use your classy sense of style and unadulterated sexiness to make it your own. Provide the content in your own special way luv!

Have fun with it!

PS: Still working to break away to come down and see you. Memorial Day Weekend may be a target date May 25th? Might you be accepting appointments?

If so, I will formalize screening and references to you luv!

Have a Sxxxy Day!



Hi Keith, That would be great if you could make it down here.

I made up a new pinned tweet/toot. Thanks again for the advice. xoxoxo

Thank you for the Boost Ms Jessica.

Have a Sxxxy Night.

@HobbyWannabee @wildman76
I just did this on mine. Thank you for making this format ❤️

@memebrat @wildman76

You are welcome. Do not hesitate to ask anyone on the site for help if you need it. Hope Switter works for you.

Have a Sxxxy Night!

@HobbyWannabee @wildman76
Or had a website link that tells all that for the lady's anyway. If you ladys cannot afford a website escortbook gives you a decent one for free now!


Thank you so much for your boosts, be sure they mean a lot to me 💞.

Be well 🤗 💋

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