There is no place for that behavior here.

The only way behavior changes luv, is to expose the coward fucktard and hold him publicly accountable.

Your safety is the priority and that is obviously at your discretion... but when this Piece Of Shit With Eyes (POSWE) can't get a date because he is globally blacklisted, his dick will talk some common sense to his empty, egomaniacal douchebag head...telling him he needs to straighten out...

Sorry for your trouble...

@LucyB As soon as I wrote a post with the word woke up from your World Series Hangover and graced my Timeline!

Stay Kinky My Friend! 😂

@HobbyWannabee LMFAO You are so right. You know me so well already... 😋


Its not quite as iconic as the Farrah Fawcett red bikini swimsuit photo...but if its that arousing, I will have it made for you!

How would you like it delivered?

@HobbyWannabee Hand delivered with you wrapped in it.. You know where to find me..

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