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RT Dear,

Allow us the option to spend our current earnings directly on other models, similar to the way store credit would be used! Thanks a billion.

Me and at least 7 other people

RT This is your regular reminder that a sex worker does not have to be university educated or attending university to be valid or deserving of respect. If your response to whorephobia is 'but some of us are educated! I have a degree!' then you are elitist and part of the problem.

RT best youtubers ranked

10. it's hard
9. to rank
8. youtubers
7. from best
6. to worst
5. as each youtuber
4. is different
3. in their own
2. unique way
1. Shane Dawson

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RT I think instead of telling people I give great head I’m just going to start telling them I give great 😜💋I even incorporate it into My and I love it so much.

RT THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! i finally made it omg i’m so excited!! as promised, for the next few days i’ll be doing my⚡️flash sale⚡️- ya’ll will get extra pics when u buy a set, and a free 5 pic set of YOUR CHOICE with every video! also, look out for ur FREE VID TONIGHT!!!

RT I am always above you. Always looking down upon you. Doesn’t matter the gender for this you’re all pathetic and only fit to $erve My will and $end Me all your money.

RT I also do complete with for tiny peened losers or those that otherwise just don’t measure up. 🤨

RT hi angels 💖 i finally have an account! for just $15 per month you can follow my account and see all of my exclusive content - the inly other place you can see this stuff is in my dropbox! give it a look, would you? 💔

RT You like her tits? Want to see more of them.


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RT I don’t get stressed when pets leave, My bitches always come crawling back with money in hand and their tails between their legs.

you simply can’t help but be addicted. My power is intoxicating.

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