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RT 1. Yes, but I've always enjoyed sexting, even pre COVID, and not always thru paid service.
2. Absolutely!
3. Variety is the spice of life!
4. Sure.

Has anyone noticed the shortage of olive oil? I just paid $30 for a 500ml bottle. Got me thinking about the specialty items that are imported that I love. Reminded me of Handmaids Tale, where they only had local choices at the grocery.

RT Texting is working great for me. Phone/video calls are not really feasible right now.

RT I’m finding the text and email packages to be a really nice new way to communicate, especially in the absence of actual dates, and I highly recommend them.

?? for the gentlemen who signed up for any texting or chatting packages, (please don't name names)
1. Are you enjoying the service?
2. Is it a fair trade for the amount paid?
3. Have you signed up w/ more than 1 lady?
4. When your subscription runs out will you re-up?


Let’s get each other worked up while we’re stuck inside! Now offering Sexy Skype (screening required)!!

♦️Sexy Skype $200/20 min 💦
📱Social text w/selfie $150/wk
🤪Sexy text w/selfie $200/wk
💻Social Skype $100/20 min


Are you missing and her daily photos and inspiration? Heather is offering personal daily photos and words of encouragement by text for the next month, or maybe longer. $25 a week or $75 a month for a daily greeting with photo to your phone. Once we get this r ...


Been isolating for 3 weeks, haven't touched a human being. Raised my rate to $5000 on P411 but could only select up to 48hrs. Will be adjusting rates on website today. New rate 5k is for 1 week together or unlimited visits in a week. I will take a 14day pause between gentlemen.


COVIDー19 Teaches Us:

1. We are all equal. Disease treats us the same
2. We are all connected
3. Health is precious. Eat right, exercise, build immunity
4. Life is temporary
5. How important are our families
6. To reflect and learn from our mistakes
7. Need to respect nature

It can't come soon enough!


Looking forward to summer heat, pool time with my girlfriends hopefully we can get back to some fun gatherings of more than one soon!


Sorry for small writing! Here are the virtual packages.

Shall we?

RTs are extremely appreciated. 😘


Here’s my sassy 💁‍♀️ virtual girlfriend packages until real life meeting is possible again. It’s a great way to break the ice and get to know someone. 💋❤️


Missing all my gentleman callers... I will see you all soon 💋 Until then, be safe, be healthy, be well 😘


Hi my dears I am not doing in- person dates, but don’t worry; you can see and talk to me virtually. packages:
Texting/1 selfie a day/ 1 call a week: 300/wk (w/hr Skype bonus: 400)
Texts/1 selfie a wk: 100/wk
Custom photos:
Tip me:
Venmo: Katie-Krush


Just about everyone is saying that they can't live on $1200. Wanna know how they got $1200?

the fed. min. wage is $7.25 x 40hr/week, so for 4 weeks thats $1160 a month. That's rounded up to $1200.

Think about that next time you say min. wage workers don't deserve a livable wage

2 weeks ago I announced that I was self isolating until April 15. I now realize that it is going to be a little longer until it is ok to come back. Here is to hoping that we can look forward to sometime in May. Until then enjoy a picture of my puppy.

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