OK. This is beyond creepy but I have to ask you all to block and report @Dansi21109733@twitter.com . I hate for you to even go there and see the page but he/she is stealing my photos and photoshopping someone else's face on them.

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My beloved website was in the last batch of Veda sites to go down. 😢 I've been working on my new website.

Unfortunately I also lost my entire newsletter database. Please email me if you would like a specific city tour notification.

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@2AshWhite@twitter.com @HeatherofVegas@twitter.com @HollyDavisVIP@twitter.com 💞Inner beauty ALWAYS STAYS and it shines through💋 being UGLY starts from the INSIDE then it engulfs you entirely💔

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I’m having way too much fun in and will be extending my stay until 8/8! You know where to find me I’d you’d like to get together! 😘🥂

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One SWer thread has uncovered a sickening (and growing) group of whorephobic, body-shaming, racist, homophobic, white nationalist trash. You can read their comments, but their timelines will make you physically sick. The next tweets show their handles, bios, and some tweets.


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@Brianc_1988@twitter.com @HollyDavisVIP@twitter.com My strength is not measured by how much I can lift, but rather how uplifted people feel after spending time with me.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.

You may have noticed that the Q folks attacked me on here yesterday. Seems they do not approve of my age and weight. I am fine. I know that these people lack empathy, so it is their problem, not mine. I am secure in knowing that my worth does not depend on their opinion of me.

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Ask yourself before you act...

Am I using compassion?
Will I have regrets?
Am I being kind?
Is it necessary?

We ALL have life challenges. Different forms & different coping skills. At day's end, know you've been your best self & greet the next day with a smile.

🤎 RT pls RT 🤎

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Just an FYI I change my numbers occasionally so if you have tried me via text with no response then please try to email me. There’s a good chance that number is no longer valid.

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@Super_Gent@twitter.com Yes, and so much more! I am sorry that you are so small and hurt that you have to strike out and try to hurt others. I know it takes a lot of energy to seek out people to insult. I see by your timeline that you live in a state of anger and rage. That is sad.

Friends make life worth living.

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Great catching up with these lovelies today for lunch! @LillianWestLV@twitter.com @HeatherofVegas@twitter.com @HollyDavisVIP@twitter.com @vegaskiwi@twitter.com and meeting @VegasVoluptuous@twitter.com too. Friends make life so much better! Grateful for the wonderful network of sexy girlfriends here in

We will light up your night!

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His request: Surprise me with one of your sexy girlfriends.

What do you think? Did I nail it? 🥂

with @CharleneLoveLV@twitter.com & @HeatherofVegas@twitter.com

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@HeatherofVegas@twitter.com The minutes are hours in her eyes,
Smoldering deep with wonder and surprise.
To see the future in a moment’s glance.
To feel your heart captured, fully entranced.
All this and more you can’t ignore
When her enchantment brings you to the fore.

Just because it wasn’t forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t magic. Even short experiences can have lifelong effects.

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