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People who are isolating: I see pretty flowers in the wild, I won’t pick them so everyone can enjoy them.

Non essential people who aren’t isolating: Im going to pick all the flowers so only I can see them, even though they will wither away and die, at least I got to enjoy it.

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there has never been a dick picture that has made me think, "wow, now that's a dick. I've seen thousands of dicks but this one? this dick is different. I need to touch it. I need to eat it. I need to tell my mom about it. I'm wet now. Thank you, dick."

that never happens.


Happy birthdays!

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Day 28 of Quarantine.
Happy Birthday to Me!👑🎂💗😷
Mostly, I had an amazing 365 day around the sun.
The last month hasn't been my favorite by far..
However, I'm still grateful to see another year!
Thank you to everyone who made my year&this day special. I appreciate you. 🙏💗

Coronalingus, hahaha

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Fear not everyone, Pat Robertson has worked out what caused the Coronavirus; oral sex! With women! Which they didn't have when he was younger!

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Prepaying now for a future date after this pandemic is gone is the best form of respect and support for that special lady in your life

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Seeing SW’s has taught me that there is so much more to relationships than physical. Yes I know we all know that, but I never truly felt it until I started seeing SW’s. I learned more about a woman’s body and even more about the beauty of their mind.

I couldn't find guac on it but how about a donut on a banana?

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If there was ever evidence being a client of sex workers is not only about the sex, its everywhere right now. Providers and their clients are connecting on so many different levels via text message, Skype, FaceTime, etc. If you’ve been on the fence about this, give it a try!

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@HollyDavisVIP@twitter.com The world you create
is where you dwell, where the world
is thwarted in its assault on your
truest self. We build to our perfection
within the boundaries of others'
beings. We are the song we sing
as light opens our spheres into a whole.

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Dear Lovelies,
I am happy to inform you that I am offering Virtual Girlfriend Packages tailored to different needs and budgets to accommodate your personal preference.
Social Distancing doesn't have to mean total social isolation. Let's connected!

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throwback Thursday...

(older sketches...😉)

inspiration: @HeatherofVegas@twitter.com

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Are you missing @HeatherofVegas@twitter.com and her daily photos and inspiration? Heather is offering personal daily photos and words of encouragement by text for the next month, or maybe longer. $25 a week or $75 a month for a daily greeting with photo to your phone. Once we get this r ...

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