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I am available in or wherever you fly me! See my website at for details.

Can you handle us?


Oh the adventures that await you in Las Vegas! Daytime hot lunch rates available with the dynamic HD duo!


Just so we are clear....unfollow me. I don’t need to hear your dumb fu€k comments on my timeline becomes you are irrelevant to me. Unfollow me! If you want to discuss or have a debate with me, my fee is listed on my website.

Setting up the camera to go live on OnlyFans at 3pm PST today!

I will be "Going Live" on New Year's day around 3pm PST. Join me to say Happy New Year and ask me anything! Share your resolutions. I will tell a joke or two. Just a quick afternoon party. More details to follow.


Who wants to lounge around all day with me in sunny South Florida? .

Happy New Year to all from Las Vegas! Let's party like it's 1999!

This weeks video on my OnlyFans page will be a demonstration on how to use the Female Condom. Videos only stay up for about a week before they are no longer free so check in every week to see a new one.
PS. TY to the guy who gifted me these undies!


Starting to book January!

The rest of my year has been spoken for and I'm so appreciative of the gents that prebook🥰

If any time becomes available, I will post about it here first!


What happens under the mistletoe..
Stays under the mistletoe!

Happy holidays to you and yours from Las Vegas‼️


If you sign up using this link please email me so I can help you set up your page!


Kanye West received between $2 million and $5 million. Joel Osteen got $4.4 million. Tom Brady $960,855.

Members of Congress were paid $130k to spend 9 months arguing about whether you deserve $600.

Dear Santa,
I was good at being naughty. Does that count?

Happy Holidays to you, Daisy!


Let’s send out some holiday love to all these beautiful lady’s and great friends 🥰please follow and add to the list❣️ DROP UR PIC ❤️



Get ready for a December to Remember!

This will be my last tour for a while so be sure to visit my website at to prebook ✨

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