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COVIDー19 Teaches Us:

1. We are all equal. Disease treats us the same
2. We are all connected
3. Health is precious. Eat right, exercise, build immunity
4. Life is temporary
5. How important are our families
6. To reflect and learn from our mistakes
7. Need to respect nature

It can't come soon enough!


Looking forward to summer heat, pool time with my girlfriends hopefully we can get back to some fun gatherings of more than one soon!


Sorry for small writing! Here are the virtual packages.

Shall we?

RTs are extremely appreciated. 😘


Here’s my sassy 💁‍♀️ virtual girlfriend packages until real life meeting is possible again. It’s a great way to break the ice and get to know someone. 💋❤️


Missing all my gentleman callers... I will see you all soon 💋 Until then, be safe, be healthy, be well 😘


Hi my dears I am not doing in- person dates, but don’t worry; you can see and talk to me virtually. packages:
Texting/1 selfie a day/ 1 call a week: 300/wk (w/hr Skype bonus: 400)
Texts/1 selfie a wk: 100/wk
Custom photos:
Tip me:
Venmo: Katie-Krush


Just about everyone is saying that they can't live on $1200. Wanna know how they got $1200?

the fed. min. wage is $7.25 x 40hr/week, so for 4 weeks thats $1160 a month. That's rounded up to $1200.

Think about that next time you say min. wage workers don't deserve a livable wage

2 weeks ago I announced that I was self isolating until April 15. I now realize that it is going to be a little longer until it is ok to come back. Here is to hoping that we can look forward to sometime in May. Until then enjoy a picture of my puppy.

We're number one! We won the covid19 race.


Trump Wants Churches Packed By Easter

Yesterday In America
18,691 New Cases 401 Deaths
104,126 Cases In Total
18,691 Daily Means It Will Double In Roughly 5 Days
By Easter There Will Be 300,000 Cases

It has helped me a lot, and not just financially. It gives me a sense of purpose. I wake up thinking about what I can say to brighten their day. Cheering someone up cheers me up.


I signed up for a ladies texting package and I can tell you that getting a text from her really brightens my day during these isolated times. I would highly recommend signing up for one. It helps you both out.


Quarantine observations:

1. People enjoy sex
2. People are sad without sex
3. Some people enjoy receiving money for sex
4. Other people are happy to pay money to enjoy sex

Maybe after this is all over we can just accept that this is perfectly fine.


From someone on the internet. Well said :-)

RT More problematic to me is the providers may otherwise maintain social distancing. Clients willing to risk the health of others are as likely to be the ones attending parties, gathering with groups, or be the person who intentionally coughed into produce at a grocery store. Evil.

I know that most of the people who need to hear this from me have already blocked me, but "I am sorry". I should not have asked the question about unsafe practices. I was mad that I am sacrificing for public health, but that is my choice.


Miss my daily photos and inspiration? I will be offering personal daily photos and words of encouragement by text for the next month, or maybe longer. $25 a week or $75 a month for a daily greeting with photo to your phone. Once we get this rolling I will offer upgraded packages.

I am so grateful for the internet!


Llllllooooooollllll some things bring out the best out of people! 😂😂😂
Hilarious 😆


Does anyone like Bison meat?!!

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