Rare 3/18 & 3/19 in ! As usual, in too.

A few of my fave things: foreign tongues, mythology, , , , tarot, literature, , facials, dates (w/ @Marina_MoonNYC), mixtapes, ... Sapiosexual lady falls to her knees for a good sense of humor, kindness, generosity &an irreverent POV. Ivy Master’s&writer, lovin’ 💕 life as a SWer!

Screening is 💗.
Say hi: text 646.868.2250 / hazelsgaze@protonmail.com

Hey ,

I’ve got lots of availability this weekend and the following week. If you’ve been curious about me, or we’ve met before & you wanna do it again, now’s a lovely time :)

Send me an email at hazelsgaze@protonmail.com.

in ...

Maybe you’ve been day-dreaming of something. Maybe you’ve been night-dreaming... even more feverishly?

You know what it is.

What’ll put you more at ease. What’ll light that spark that you know is inside you.

Things never are what we expect them to be. My passion in life is to give, & to receive, pleasant surprises.

Text 646.868.2250.


Hey !

@Marina_MoonNYC & I had a duo date scheduled for tonight, but the date seems to have flaked on us! We hope the gentleman is well, but in the meantime we’re all hot & ready to m i n g l e ~ to , , for the lucky guy who’ll save these damels in (not much) distress! Until then, we’ll be singing quarantine karaoke... ❤️ ♥️ ❤️

Text 646.868.2250!

💋 hazel

Have we met?

Name: Hazel Cendrillon West

Style: , ,

Location: New York, NY ( )


Education: M.A., applied linguistics; B.A. literature

Turn-ons: /#dfk, , , , , , intelligence, generosity, humor,

Misc: night owl, confidante, dates

A lil manifesto: telegra.ph/I-Sing-the-Girlfrie

Rates: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Text: 646.686.2250

I am available now in New York, New York, United States! To contact me, visit tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Available tonite for , - - confidante/manicpixiedreamgirl... text me at 646.868.2250 or email hazelsgaze@protonmail.com!

babe loves:


Lascivious linguistically-adroit lover of literature &laughter.
Ardent alliteration aficionado.
Nimble &naughty.
In today available for !

Text 646.868.2250 / hazelsgaze@protonmail.com



Petite babe loves:


Lascivious linguistically-adroit lover of literature &laughter.
Ardent alliteration aficionado.
Nimble & naughty.

In today available for ! (maybe lite for the right gent!)

Text 646.868.2250 / hazelsgaze@protonmail.com

Rates &more: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Screening required.

Book-smart, street-savvy punk pixie/librarian-type muse/confidante offering sensual &cerebral to

I’ll be available all week for . Prebook for Wednesday in .

Text 646.868.2250 / hazelsgaze@protonmail.com

Bio/pics/rates/etc. tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Happy Labor Day from yr fave laborer in love!

Hey !

I’ve still been mostly quarantining but I’m dying to get out &share some love tonite! Preferably with some on top 😊 loves also pls apply tonite (set up Fri/next week!).

Who am I? A ... irreverent, book- & street-smart, sensual.

Text 646.868.2250

Can’t wait to meet up!

Name: Hazel C. West

Nickname: Wildflower

Style: , ,

Location: New York, NY ( )


Education: Master’s

Turn-ons: /#dfk, , , , , , intelligence, generosity, humor,

Misc: night owl, very literary, dates

Current manifesto: telegra.ph/I-Sing-the-Girlfrie

Exclusive content: onlyfans.com/hazelsgaze



It’s Saturday night & I am dying to touch a human. It’s been almost 2 months, do you think you can handle me?

Text me at 646.868.2250 - available for only tonight but but also setting up for later this coming week.

Rates, bio, etc.: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Settling into another manic Monday?

Mix in some 🖤manic pixie dream girl🖤 by subscribing to my OnlyFans for new &exclusive content every day!

Xoxo, Hazel

P.S. , I have been c-h-a-s-t-e but I plan to see a few lucky clients this month... think you can handle this little red Corvette?? Write hazelsgaze@protonmail.com or text 646.868.2250

details: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/hazelsgaze


Available for all weekend! Allow me to introduce myself...

Name: Hazel West

Location: New York, NY ( )


Style: ,


Education: Master’s

Turn-ons: /#dfk, , , , , , intelligence, humor, , foreign languages

Misc: night owl, lover, , pansexual, extroverted, intuitive

Manifesto: telegra.ph/I-Sing-the-Girlfrie

Text: 646-868-2250

@Marina_MoonNYC we took a bath, we’re listening to the Pogues: this is Love in the Time of Corona. Care to add the “trois” to our ménage? Sweet wonderlandesque in . date w ... you won’t regret it. ;) Text Hazel 646.867.2250 [with @Marina_MoonNYC]

babes- come see me in a rare rapture this Thursday evening (& maybe Fri AM if you’re a lucky early bird).

Text or email to book- 646.868.2250, hazelsgaze@protonmail.com. Screening required (screening is caring ;).

, lover of , enthusiast... dates too ;)

Spring is in the air! Let’s buzz like 🐝, honey.

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