Excited to offer in this week 3/27-3/30 for select gentlemen ;)

If you’re looking for a passionate connection with a nyc-based babe, check out my Tryst profile for more info: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

You may contact me at hazelsgaze@protonmail.com or send a introduction via text at 646.868.2250.



Gonna be in if 3/27-3/30.

Contact me if you’d like to meet!
Text 646.868.2250, email hazelsgaze@protonmail.com

I’m a sensual, sprightly, with great curiosity about people/the universe and a healthy dose of irreverence. I love conversation & erotic exploration. Normally based outta so catch me while you can. Screening required.



Details: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Guess who’s planning a trip to ?

Myself & my lovely lady pal, @Marina_MoonXO!

We’re getting outta and will be in town next weekend 3/27-3/28 for the mystical, magical, magnetic date you’ll never forget!

Contact me now at hazelsgaze@protonmail.com to book. Screening is mandatory.

Hazel & Marina

Hey ,

I’ve got lots of availability this weekend and the following week. If you’ve been curious about me, or we’ve met before & you wanna do it again, now’s a lovely time :)

Send me an email at hazelsgaze@protonmail.com.

Have we met?

Name: Hazel Cendrillon West

Style: , ,

Location: New York, NY ( )


Education: M.A., applied linguistics; B.A. literature

Turn-ons: /#dfk, , , , , , intelligence, generosity, humor,

Misc: night owl, confidante, dates

A lil manifesto: telegra.ph/I-Sing-the-Girlfrie

Rates: tryst.link/escort/hazel-west

Text: 646.686.2250

I used to have what I considered a perverse fascination: seeing random people all around , I’d wonder to myself what it would be like to be intimate with them.

These days, when preparing to meet someone new, I get pretty anxious, every time. Yet, almost without fail, by the time we part ways, I’m amazed at how close I got with them.

A lil manifesto: telegra.ph/I-Sing-the-Girlfrie

Avail all week, Thurs PM Fri & AM


babe loves:


Lascivious linguistically-adroit lover of literature &laughter.
Ardent alliteration aficionado.
Nimble &naughty.
In today available for !

Text 646.868.2250 / hazelsgaze@protonmail.com



I got a new boy-toy... He was generous enough to give me a beautiful pearl necklace.

Wanna see?





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