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Looks like there was some flash flooding in my local area last night. Thankfully, not us!

Wir finden es soo schön, wenn sich Pärchen ganz romantisch bei uns treffen, um einen Jahrestag zu feiern. Torte und Blubberwasser steht bereit - wir wünschen den Beiden noch viele viele gemeinsame Jahre! Aneinander binden können sie sich mit unserer Folienbondagekiste schon gut!

Scammers are opportunists & exist way beyond our community.
They're hoping you're so aroused by their, usually stolen, pics that you won't do your research. If you need help, ask. Projecting your past experiences w/scammers onto actual providers helps no one, especially yourself.

Be a good boy for me and open your mouth nice and wide. I've got a special treat from my cigarette just for you.


A boy just began his addiction to Miss Deviant. Call her at 1-800-863-5478 ext 10070633 to see

“What can be done in a real time session with masks? I was hoping xyz...”

Well, I think we’ve all had to “settle”with things and situations were weren’t hoping for, buddy.

Ensuring the safety and health of us and those around us are more important than your nut 😌

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Silly poll time. Pie season is definitely here so what is your preference of pastry?

❤️❤️Female Providers:❤️❤️

I offer to YOU my lending ear, my nonjudgmental spirit, my understanding, and as a licensed therapist and energy master, I DO offer virtual sessions of compassionate listening when you feel you need one. All can be done via FaceTime, Skype, etc. My bio is on my About Me section. My virtual session counseling rate is $100 30 minutes or $150 hourly. Must be prepaid via Apple Pay, Zelle or Google pay. Flexible on your schedule for times. See my site & # in gallery!


He dreams about Me and I dream about real men 😂

My hubby put this in the bathroom and was all stoked that I could use it to make clips for My subs without getting My phone all wet 😜

He’s a good boy, too

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