What did you miss ???

@HazelVip sorry I missed your show I giess I should sign up for a onlyfans account
Actually I would rather just see you
Hope your having a great day

@JoeJoe1968 thanks please sign up for my
It's my only income currently helping me through the lockdown..going to hit road soon maybe June 1st..where is home for you💋

@HazelVip Hi HazelVip
I will sign up for
Later today
Glad I can help you it is a tough time out there for a lot of people.
A road trip after this stay at home lockdown will probably do you good let me know where you plan to go
Home for me is Ventura, California
Hope you are having a good day today

@JoeJoe1968 probably states that have loosened their restrictions California and Nevada wont be there ..but North Dakota South Dakota and Iowa seem very open❣

@HazelVip Enjoy your trip and we will see each other soon 😝

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