Sad to see fake accounts here with hundreds of followers while some legit ladies have a few. Folks, do your research and treasure the lovely ladies you end up meeting because there’s also many posers around.

Not sure what the protocol for “calling out fakes” is, but I validated through reverse image search.

@SaSsYARi oh I’m sure there’s a lot of time wasters but this doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. We can both agree that there are “time wasters”/fake guys AND fake provider accounts that are identifiable as such

@Happyvader possibly, it really just comes with the type of provider you are looking for...

@SaSsYARi yeah, I actually just come across those while perusing my feed. Not because I’m “looking” at them for myself. I guess my comment was about the irony that I see these fake accounts with hundreds of followers...

@Happyvader 💯💯💯💯 it always comes down to those types sadly! Always the bad apples ruining it for the tree

@Happyvader I've been reporting from the offending profile page and including a link to where the pics were being ripped from. They're typically gone within 48 hours.

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