I hope all my swithearts are feeling lovely this evening.... my availability is still the same as yesterday as an update.

Muchos besitos

website is finally live. Please inquire via email about rates. I'm trying to be discreet about services and rates


@bettyboobs18 HOLY MOLY!

Fried Chicken and Kissing Day; Thats what I call one hellava lip smacking, finger lickin good time :licking_lips: 🤤

Happy International kissing day!!!!

Who knew there was a day dedicated to kissing?

One day isnt nearly enough for me; I practice ALL YEAR baby :licking_lips:💋

I really hate to sound like the stereotypical obnoxious American.

But July 4​th​ always reminds me ​of ​how happy I am to not be Canadian.

No offense...I do really like poutine​, Tim Hortons, ​and maple syrup though.

By the way, if this silly toot makes you want to say mean things to me in return, you should probably put down the Canadian whiskey and try ​a ​shot of Kentucky bourbon instead.


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