Trip Report: Phoenix

Had an amazing time on my very first tour! Got plenty of quality rest & relaxation, enjoyed pool time, happy hour, and taco Tuesday. Took a bike around Old Town and visited the Museum of the West (way cool!). But of course, a girl's got to stay focused. I met a lot of great friends and had a record-breaking week! Overall, this trip can be best described in one word: invigorating

Hey, Switter. I'm back! What a fun weekend escape from the city. Even though the rain kept us indoors last night we still found some fun ways to amuse ourselves.

Back in

Hey, Switter loves. I will be out of the city this weekend for a little getaway with a special friend so I won’t have much access to email. I will respond as I am able.


Good morning, Switter loves. The good news today is that I finally realized what the selfie stick someone gave me is for.

Ummm... is Eros gone? I just tried to access the site and couldn't get to it even with my vpn.

Apparently social media etiquette demands a photo for hump day. I did try to keep it a little bit classy.

Being whisked away to the shore, thank you for a lovely time , I hope to return soon!

Attn any providers who are based in boston or tour Boston❗️❗️❗️❗️One of my regulars tried to record our session without my permission. I have blacklisted him but let me know if you would like the information.

The reason this community works is because we keep it civil. The second we stop being civil is the second we start becoming twitter again...I know no one wants that. People that negatively name drop or cause things to be harder for other providers here are hurting everyone. If you have a grievance please take it up with that provider, regardless of how many times you claim to have contacted them...providers are normal people too...we have normal lives folks!

Thank you to a special someone for the book and the bottle of wine. You made planning my getaway to France so much easier 💋

Natalie - Your Submissive Filipina Pleasure Girl !

San Francisco and San Jose Area!

Will travel for extended meetings !

Love to be used by YOU for Your
pleasure !

No limits to what you can to with me !

To discuss any arrangements
You must e-mail me !

Screen/verify all of my new lovers !

Verified Provider - P411-P88547

Hey, guys and ladies. I’ve set up a temporary site to make it easier to learn more about me and contact me while I’m having my site built. Please pardon the dust as it really is a temporary solution.

A good breakfast to start the day. Sadly, reading the online edition of the Journal isn't half as satisfying as reading the print edition.

What a productive day I've had. Some new lingerie arrived and I spent some time planning a fun shoot with a photographer friend. Now, I'm sitting here planning an exciting escape to France for later this fall.

@GraceLeblanc That's a great motivation Monday photo. Thanks for sharing. Good luck and be safe!

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