New phone number: 07784 859 093

Remember to TEXT, not call, and you too could very soon be bound, gagged and teased mercilessly by a Dominatrix (or two) like the lucky man in the picture below!

Congratulations to @inchastitysub.

Today he has been in for 1,000 DAYS!

What a spectacular achievement!
Truly remarkable.

BLOG: My Experience of Whorephobia and Kinkphobia in Academia

Where challenging stigma & discrimination --> FAIL.


This is why engaging with Sarah Champion, Julie Bindel etc will be fruitless.
Why inviting them to meet and debate with us and why sharing facts with them and petitions will never change their minds.
We need to go above them.

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This is why our voices are not heard and the facts and statistics are ignored. This is why these women don’t care about tackling poverty and inequality first.

How do you work with psychopathic and sociopathic behaviour?
Constant monitoring and extreme sanctions.
There is no benevolence or concern to hook onto - these are purely narcissistic states.

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These people operate in black and white thinking. They are simply unable to acknowledge anything that falls outside of these binaries.
Diversity is ignored. Intersectionality is ignored.

This behaviour straddles sociopathy and psychopathy: consciously causing community trauma, knowing that vulnerable people will be abused, raped and murdered, whilst maintaining a respectable facade.

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Sarah Champion et al know that directly attacking the most privileged group in our society with the most political power will be unsuccessful, so they do it covertly via one of the most marginalised groups with the least political power.

This is an attempt to manipulate a rigged system and we are just collateral damage.

This is of course a fantasy of men, as not all men are the same person, just as not all sex workers are happy hookers or trafficked victims.

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The drive for criminalisation and the supposed protection of “prostituted women and girls” is a cover for a psychopathic HATRED of MEN.
These anti-sex worker attempts at destroying our livelihoods are not about us. They are about MEN.
They are not about sex; they are about POWER.

I know you're desperate to shed those boring man clothes and get dressed up in a beautiful bra, panties, stockings, suspenders & high heels...

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