Sad How Low Switter has gotten I used to get tons of engagement and hella sales here. Now not so much.. Its Unfortunate. I wonder what killed Switter So Fast :elizathink:

@MsAlinaXXX for me I try to engage on here as much as possible, but I'm chilling on setting anything up until things settle down on the public health side. I have vulnerable people in my family circle, so I have to chill...unfortunately.

Maybe when it gets more normal, things will get better here (although that means more fraud accts and time wasters, too 🤷🏾‍♂️).

@bklyn @MsAlinaXXX Twitter seems to be more marketable, but I assume similar in terms of time wasters & frauds who retweet

A4 stopped new accounts for awhile, not sure how heavily due to frauds. any community without fresh air is doomed to failure

They reopened it back in March 2020 & guess what, the community is back to fight fraud trash...

Fortunately there are other fediverses but I generally don’t interact outside Switter- tolerating hobbying is not everyone’s cup of tea

@Gongzero @bklyn Twitter has been really good other than getting my 1st account taken and having to start over. Fetlife is useful but neither can hold a match to Switter in its prime. This place was awesome


@MsAlinaXXX @bklyn Twitter has presence of porn stars, so it could be hard to rip out/differentiate just providers... lines have blurred between providing & OF/FanCentro etc

Unfortunately Switter needs another app to access; most just set up Switter to bot their tweet as Toot. Most are not going to set up a Mastodon account anywhere just for toots, Twitter serves that need already.

However this election comes out...we will see if there is another SESTA/FOSTA, or it won’t matter

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