Did anyone else get a weird text with typos about logging on to Switter and reading the new polices and accepting or they’ll lose their account? Is this real or spam? If real way to proof read 😂😂

@Bonnie69 Spam. you can post the text hear and blur out your info first.

@ronf see this weirdo bs Ron and fellow Switter Loves? I blocked number but kept texts. They text me 2 times same thing


@Bonnie69 @ronf
From wiki “
.gq is the country code top-level domain for Equatorial Guinea.”

So Switter.gq is a bad link

General rule- unless expected (like a 2FA/2-factor Authentication) if you get a msg on some issue w/ your account? Call back using customer service number (credit card/bank: behind your card) or type in & visit your institution from your (updated) Web browser.

*DO NOT* click on whichever link sent to you, text or email.

Thank you for the heads-up!

@Gongzero @Bonnie69
Gong is correct, whenever you get something like this, these hackers make it look so real and legit. Never ever click those links as it will download a script on your devices be it a phone or computer. They can steal all your info if it is capable. Block and delete.

@ronf @Gongzero Yeah again like I said I’m not stupid. It doesn’t even look legit as there’s so many typos. Funny I think the same thing when providers steal posts and there’s typos 😂😂

@Gongzero @ronf Yeah I didn’t and wouldn’t lol. Not stupid 😉

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