⚠️ Providers/Clients:

*Read more, toot less. Quality counts. Learn from established users. Golden Rule governs

*Delicious toots enticing your $? Beware of impersonation/stolen media. Users having verified review platform(s) ~Tryst, Eros, P411, PrivateDelights more trustworthy. High % deposit abnormal. Google Reverse Image Search/research/ask 1st

*High risks: Listing/prebooking mult-states; Pornstar off-agency accts; "Instagram-like" pics; hashtags like BBFS, CIP, bareback, CIA, etc

Eros is not at all trust worthy! Was linked to a organized crime organization who bought them and was busted by home land security and any one who goes there is tracked clients and workers along with them. This has been well known they work for the feds now. They have no choice. It was all over the news awhile back. But the other ones you mention is good places. Also and escort-ads are very good places that bring good business too.

@Gongzero truth and facts matter. If you are a client, please do a little research, at least. Who you choose to trust is ultimately on you.

@VegasVixenSheila happy thanksgiving to you! 🍁🍽🦃🤗😘😍🌹💵


I read a lot, believe me, paying attention who boosted me, checking profiles... 🤣 🤣 🤣


I do apply this rule:


But you know, lots of gents here don't do that!!! I won't share "proofs" of this because... well, I'm a lady 😉!

Thanks again for the many boosts, and hope you're well, not too tired and still having time for yourself 💗!

Sweet hugs for you, GZ 🤗 💞 🤗 💞!

@Gongzero I have to disagree on some of this friend. I travel full time touring the country and I ALWAYS have different listings in different states. Does not mean I am a scammer! I also require a 50% deposit to help with travel costs of gas and hotel rooms that have to be paid before you get to an area. I have tried doing without deposit and too many times it is too easy for a person to cancel or not show up..the deposit has helped in that area.

@s2sbodywork Good tips but all depends. Hobbyists be careful

Meet the Woman Whose Face Launched a Thousand Catfish Scams

"In my mind, there’s no one that I have never met in person, who I have no proof that they actually exist, that I would ever give a thousand dollars to. I still feel bad for them, but I just wish that they would have thought so much harder before letting go of their hard-earned cash to somebody who [they] have no face, no name, no address [of]."

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