New Providers/Clients,

*Read more, toot less. Quality counts. Learn from established users.

*Delicious toots enticing your $ deposits? Beware of impersonation. Accts having verified marketing platform(s) (not IG) more trustworthy. High % deposit abnormal. If in doubt, Google Reverse Image Search

*Listing/prebooking multiple states? Pornstar off-agency accts? No reference needed? Trouble!

*: Don’t be an ass, and don’t prey. Someone will call you out or Karma will get you!

This tweet should be allowed to run continuously after today dude


I don't remember saying "Thank you for the follow" ... maybe I've said it already, maybe not ... anyway, here it is

💋 ❤️ Thank you!

@Sensualis you are most welcome- keep up with the good work, sexy auntie you! 😇😎😘🤗🌹💵

"@Sensualis you are most welcome- keep up with the good work, sexy auntie you! 😇😎😘🤗🌹💵"


@Gongzero How is listing and prebooking in multi states a red flag?!? I am a very reputable provider (which you personally know) and can name many others who tour...So what we can only post our current location and should not give advance notices to upcoming cities/states we plan to visit? Did I miss a memo where became extinct?? How else do we find clients when touring? Book flights and hotels then post day of?

@Aleeyah_Yueng i know it's a lil broad, but I know you & *you have reviews 😊* Unfortunately it's a characteristic of spammy accounts.

Hence a profile that has more than just phone & email: Website, perhaps ad/review links, P411 ID verifiable is more likely to be safe. And one that's not plainly boosting & advertising is even more likely to be a real person.

Vigilance is needed - newbies getting robbed gives a bad rap, clients reluctant to screen or to deposit=makes your job harder


🤣 Thank you! You were quick! 🤣

Obviously, "Thank you for the boost" would sound more polite ... lol!

I have followed you for your advice and your fraud warnings.

But you put up so many boosts that I can no longer see anything from my other follows -- local girls I'm interested in seeing, smart guys with interesting things to say. Your boosts are not of use or interest to me, since they are nearly all from far away.

Your boost flood has so overwhelmed the Mastodon software when I switch boosts off, nothing appears. At all. So I can't simply avoid the boost flood.

@ValidaTemenow understood.
I try to only boost recent or relevant stuff when I have time, and usually only when I can during weekends that I mass boost others.

I'm first and foremost a client, and warn of other stuff that is deemed a threat to our community.

Let's hope that we can continue to enjoy this community w/o the fraud.

Have a good one🤗

The problem with the custom of boosting -- it's not just you -- is that most of it is not relevant *to me*, because it's for other cities. My playing is local, so what's recent and relevant just dilutes the good local info.
Thanks for understanding.

I wish I could see and get the benefit of your informative toots, but your boosts completely drown that out.

So I must unfollow.

If you figure out a way to make your toots actually, realistically available, I hope you'll do it, and I will eagerly follow.

Thank you for providing valuable information, even if I don't get to see it. Those who can somehow tolerate the torrent of boosted toots are surely better off for your efforts.

@Gongzero All good advice on both ends. I went through your TL and was shocked at how many bad accounts you have outed here and what is even more shocking is the amount of followers and boosts they continue to generate from clients and legit providers. Follow and boost hungry people in social media are it's own worst enemy. @Aleeyah_Yueng you are legit but so many fraud accounts use the prebook deposit tactic to scam clients all over the country as you know. It's a red flag, fair or not.






Couldn't agree more with this.

@Gongzero I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you're a prince and thanks for all you do. 🍻🙏♥️


Thank you for your support 💞! It means a lot to me 🌞.

Be well, 🤗!

@Gongzero sorry i didnt know i had muted you
Anyways ..unmuted you
Have A great day💋👄
Xo Sheila

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