Use hashtags to:
=highlight locations

•Greenbrae =
•Walnut Creek =
•SFO =
•Downtown San Diego =

=Create your unique search terms so you/your toots can be easily found!
•Switter Newbie Guide =
•Fuck FOSTA =
•Slow Down in Rain California =

=Type out terms/locations then Remove spaces between words then add # or spellcheck can't fix your typos
=Not case-sensitive I think

@Gongzero Are you a teacher? You wrote that so well:) It will help a lot of us on here. I wish I saw that when I started.😘

@LucyB in a sense all of us are teachers- we should work to pass on knowledge and best practices 🤗
Engineer by schooling, a few other things along the way to help me slightly more well-rounded 😇
Thank you and have a good day!

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