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Meet the Woman Whose Face Launched a Thousand Catfish Scams

"In my mind, there’s no one that I have never met in person, who I have no proof that they actually exist, that I would ever give a thousand dollars to. I still feel bad for them, but I just wish that they would have thought so much harder before letting go of their hard-earned cash to somebody who [they] have no face, no name, no address [of]."

Read & digest the article 🙏 Pls

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⚠️ Providers/Clients:

*Read more, toot less. Quality counts. Learn from established users. Golden Rule governs

*Delicious toots enticing your $? Beware of impersonation/stolen media. Users having verified review platform(s) ~Tryst, Eros, P411, PrivateDelights more trustworthy. High % deposit abnormal. Google Reverse Image Search/research/ask 1st

*High risks: Listing/prebooking mult-states; Pornstar off-agency accts; "Instagram-like" pics; hashtags like BBFS, CIP, bareback, CIA, etc

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Use hashtags to:
=highlight locations

•Greenbrae =
•Walnut Creek =
•SFO =
•Downtown San Diego =

=Create your unique search terms so you/your toots can be easily found!
•Switter Newbie Guide =
•Fuck FOSTA =
•Slow Down in Rain California =

=Type out terms/locations then Remove spaces between words then add # or spellcheck can't fix your typos
=Not case-sensitive I think

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How to spot fake ads on - A Beginner's Guide
Courtesy & RT @phoenixx 👍 😘
Help us fight spammers- boost/follow responsibly.
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My first pinned toot attempt, RT my dear @justangelsforyou

anyone needs to report any abuse they have found on here. Using this email will help take action faster.

Let’s keep our community safe!"

Hey Sweetie… I’m Khloe…
I N S T A  Khloe.Kush 
S N A P   BackwoodKhloe
HIGHLY REVIEWED via Private Delights search KraveKhloe
☎️ 513.416.0650
Y si, claro que hablo español!
Yours Truly,
🥂 Khloe Kush 

Cash App $BonnieBaby69 if you EVER want me to answer DMs 🗣

💰 Pay Me Or Pay Me No Mind 💰

🐝 LET’S PLAY 🐝 🐝


👆🏻 Links Up Top 👆🏻

💛 & 💛


PS: Bringing Me 420 :weed: Gets On My Good Side Lol 🥰

I am available now in San Fernando Valley, California, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @tryst

Ribs are slow cooking in the oven while I relax on the beach and it is blissfully empty 💚💚💚

I'm here all day to slay in Manhattan😜 Come by and check out your Goddess next door! Here till 12am!

Call me/ text (929) 425-3603
Midtown, NYC💋

I am available now in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @tryst

I am available now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @TrystNA

I am available now in Portland, Oregon, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @TrystNA

Me: House shopping. Made an offer for $30,000 over asking price on a house that’s already at my budget limit. The next day… “I don’t know how I’d afford this!?”

Also me: Hasn’t posted ads. Not marketing. Slacker on OnlyFans. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I am available now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States! To get in touch, visit me on @TrystNA

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