Available now in Las Vegas + FMTY for GFE, PSE, Femdom and more πŸ’‹ πŸ“± 702-342-9404 | πŸ“§ worshiplita@protonmail.com

Available now in Las Vegas + FMTY for GFE, PSE, Femdom and more πŸ’‹ πŸ“± 702-342-9404 | πŸ“§ worshiplita@protonmail.com

Anyway, I’m fucking psychotic and you should buy my porn

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I remember after the first water boarding they pulled the towel off me and I burst out maniacally laughing

Okay personal day is off I’m back on horny mode so you guys should call me on @NiteFlirt@twitter.com πŸ₯΅


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@MissxLita@twitter.com @clips4sale@twitter.com @KinoPayne@twitter.com Can’t wait to be able to play again in 2021!

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Want me to look over your site/profile etc?
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And I will give one tip that I believe will help you immensely!!!

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First squirt of the new year πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯‚

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Happy New Years from me, @MissxLita@twitter.com , and the puddle in her bed 😍

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Nurse Elise gives her hysterical patient an intense treatment with strict bondage, electro torture and fisting 😈

'Lita's Treatment' is available on @clips4sale@twitter.com

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East Bay Brats is an all femme BDSM experience shot at @BlackThornKink@twitter.com in Oakland.

Snagging a 2021 AVN Nomination for Best Niche Series, the brats invite you into their fuck club to explore a variety of kinks and fetishesπŸ’‹


Now until January 31st @clips4sale@twitter.com is giving 75% commission on all sales via the link below πŸ˜‡

This is the perfect time to treat yourself to some of my content πŸ’•


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.@ChelseaPoe666@twitter.com just dropped her newest bdsm film POE POV which gets your closer to her than ever before

Jay Poe


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Proud to be a part of 'Poe POV' directed by @ChelseaPoe666@twitter.com πŸ’•

You can get this beautiful film on @TROUBLEfilms@twitter.com πŸ’‹


My friend asked for my PayPal and when I said why he said β€˜I uhh found your PornHub and need to pay you’ πŸ˜‚

My mom is fucking amazing. We were talking about all the cool porn stuff I’m gonna make yesterday. I wish I could hug her...

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