Kind of back! I am dealing with some sick family members (send good vibes) but am able to message you lucky subs again

Guess what guys! I get chronic migraines and also have a personal Vanilla life! If I've explained why I've gone MIA for a little, maybe realize shit happens and I'm actually trying to keep relationships on here. But being a little bitch will guarantee I'll give you exactly what you paid for and nothing more. If you've sent small thats a tribute and part of my time. Not a full fucking play session

I want him to a have a better TV. He deserves it. Send amazon GC or better buy it off my wishlist for him 😘

Feel useful and try and make me happy by sending 😘
DM for GC sends. Or you can even buy off my wish list. You're so lucky to have this chance

I'm having a difficult time in my personal life so I will be slightly less active for a few days.
Silent sends and pictures of pets in comments are what I want ❤

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