Their is so much at stake for women and providers the country and the world! We need to protect our reproductive rights, our industry and our jobs!

Switter lovers we need to get out the vote in November and get rid of these oppressive overlords!

PROGRESSIVE BLUE WAVE RISING!!!!! :heart_bi: :heart_bi: :heart_bi:

@Goddess_Olivia_Blake just a few problems with your post, FOSTA passed the Senate 97-2, meaning many progressive Democrats voted for it... they voted against you. As far as Kavanagh, he is not an activist judge like Ginsburg but a Constitutionalist, his record reflects this. He said in his confirmation hearing that Roe vs Wade is precedence upon precedence. A judge interprets the Law, the Legislature creates Law. As a Libertarian I am disgusted by Senate Democrats, I will be vote them out.

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