Got a mani today and goddamn I am in love with this shade. 😍 😍

$54 covers polish and tip.

$end $end $end

CashApp: $NerdyGirl72

Online. Message me at GoddessRosie728 - I won’t respond without an initial tribute.

Went to buy a few essentials & ended up doing a shopping spree - including buying a cute af new purse. 😍

Fund my whims, pups. $end $101.34

CashApp: $NerdyGirl72

You don’t tribute to get something back from me. You tribute because nothing satisfies you quite like pampering me. 💋💋

Mmmm I love a good shower before bed. Running the luffa all over every inch of my body. 👄💦

Clearing out both my CashApp and Circle tomorrow. $end to both so I have more to treat myself with over the weekend. 😘

CashApp: $NerdyGirl72

Good morning from my tits. Now make sure my tits have a good morning as well. Send. 💋

You pray that your girlfriend won’t find you staring bewitched at my pictures, scrolling religiously through my profile in deep worship. But on the other hand, doesn’t that make it all the more exciting? Knowing that you could get caught at any moment?


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