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Fall under My spell & serve Me.……

E-Transfer & PO Box also available.

When my real alpha man provides for me; sexually, physically, emotionally, and financially... why the fuck would I ever talk to a loser like you???? For free?????

That’s hilarious!!!! You’re a literal joke, pathetic and completely inadequate in every way.

If you’re not making my life better, you’re non-existent to me.


What are you waiting for?? Click the link and spend! Get me that 100% payout!💰💰💰


RT The ones who always overpay/tip upfront but never expect even a second more than the session length should be.

The repeat clients that still approach professionally & don’t engage in kink until after they’ve paid me.

Loyal subs who do this have a special spot with me.



I can't think of anything less attractive (or more profitable for me) than a man going through his mid-life crisis.


You may also suggest SFW videos that I could upload for free to YT.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.


You are unable to resist My power over you. Go binge on all my fetish clips, now!


I don’t reply to 90% of the messages I receive on twitter.

How are you going to make it into that 10%?

If you’re not going to give me exactly what I want... you can f*€& off!

Some other beta happily will.

I found the exact vintage Chanel bag I’ve been looking for, send $3500 for it, now!


For those who have forgotten, this is how you serve a dominant woman.

Note the common theme is that every single option requires money.

There is no way to serve for free, that’s completely useless to me.



You only have more money to make in this industry as you get older and more experienced.

Your dedicated fans will follow you for years and years and years.

Please never worry about being “too old” to make money.


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