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✨✨Can I just take a moment to gloat on a very special Gentleman of mine! He respects my process and never puts any expectations on what happens...this is the very reason why I continue to be a courtesan.. drinks ,🥂 multiple orgasms, and just casual no strings attached company..I just want to let you know that I truly enjoyed our time together and can’t wait to explore many more encounters with you....Have a wonderful week and thank you for being an exemplary Client! ✨🕊

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Who can use a hand or 2 ? 🙌🏼🤚🏼

I 🤷🏼‍♀️ can host❗or come to YOU 🙋🏼‍♂️❗

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Wine talk part 2

So for mains on TDay the classics of Chardonnay or Merlot (I know, “No fucking Merlot!”) are standards - enough flavor to play well with the varied rich foods but still light enough not to crush the meal.
Other good choices for whites:

Grüner Vetliner

Pinot noir

The balance and play of flavors go well with a varied, coursed meal like Thanksgiving

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Had - another!!! - flat on my way to OKC.
. . . I think my car hates me.

But. I made it!! It's a bit cooooold in OK!!😟

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today, Monday (11/11/19) 💕🌸

💕🌸 NON-GFE💕🌸
Hhr 150
Hr 250
2hr 400
Extended visits available

Call, text or email for availability.

Location: San Francisco 💕🌸
Contact: 415-439-0702

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Let’s talk wine! Before the t-day list comes out this weekend here’s a few things to keep in mind when picking wines:

Think about what’s being served & what flavors you enjoy. There’s almost always something that goes w/the menu & your taste.

Sparkling/champs is always great & way more versatile than it gets credit for.

It’s great w/apps, mains & w/dessert.

Sparkling breaks down into a few key flavor notes:

Dry/yeasty (think brioche)
Toasty vanilla (creme brûlée)
Choose wisely!

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I am available now in San Francisco, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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This long weekend is almost over, my goal was not achieved at all 😞, but I don't give up, I'll try it again.

I thank you all for your countless boosts and RTs 🙏 ❤️, and hope I didn't forget anyone in returning the favor 😍!

Took a step forward and put in practice an idea on my advertising list making a profile here

If there is anyone of you having a profile on this platform, please, let me know 😍.


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For the time being I'll pristine my hashtags/threads to make them look more like posts on a blog when accessing them on as profiles on Sw have a nice layout and I intend to use it mine till I'll manage to add Jottings, Life, MyMusic... to my own site 😜! Therefore some posts will be deleted or redone 😉.

I don't know yet how exactly I'll use this advertising tool, but I guess I'll post it for now as my site on my Twitter profile 🤣.

Be well y'all, and thanks again 🙏.

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When someone axxxs you if you been to a place or so-n-sos, reply:

"Never been and I won't go back."

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@Gnizeguy How was Napa? I'm dying to go some day.. I hope you enjoyed some nice wine..😚

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@Gnizeguy 🤭 Yup, not all drawbacks are bad things 😂 😍 ❤️

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Gentlemen, this IS my face. Please stop asking for full face pics. I respect your privacy, please respect mine. Thank you 😘

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@Gnizeguy Happy Monday Sweetie, its pretty much done here 😂 😂 Its time to get incomprehensive 🤭 😍 💖

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I work ✨ 9am-Midnight ✨ (when checked in) unless booked in advance or an overnight booked in advance ❗️

I do have a family and other obligations in real life as well. Those of you who actually know me know this, so disregard 💫

P.S. ✨ TEXTING preferred 💋

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