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100% stellar reputation with reviews to vouch for myself.

To all my followers.
I'm ok, just had to shift focus, during this time. Still seeing long time regulars. But had to get my clothing line switched over to making face masks.


It’s amazing that companions are offering these fantastic online and virtual offerings. It’s taking some time for me to figure out how I can integrate these into my life but I’m super excited about them.
Clients, do likewise and connect where you can!

Your desire to fall to your knees at my temple steps is so wholly and completely natural. Give in. Let go. Leave your world and enter mine. Breathe deeply as I walk you into the dark corners of your heart. Melt as your ego crumbles. Quiver as we break taboos. Lose yourself in my pleasure. Find yourself in servitude.

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Full March tour (Maybe more 😊)

Detroit/Novi: 💞March 14th - 16th💞

Phoenix: 💞March 16th - 18th💞

San Diego:💞March 18th - 20th💞

Pittsburgh, PA 💞March 20th - 23rd💞

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