My wife is an alcoholic
My kid is an opiate addict
My step mom is an alcoholic
My best friend is an opiate/meth addict.
I stick to zoloft because every day is a never ending juggling act of chaos and insanity.

As a progressive pale human being, seeing a million ads on PrivateDelights that say "NO AA OR AA MIX" reminds me what a sick sick world we still live and how entities pretending to be captSaveAProvider really can't be trusted.

What do you want to say to women who have been waiting a year to be verified and you won't respond to them at all to explain wtf is going on?

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Money involved or not, consensual behavior between adults behind closed doors is protected by the Constitution and is a basic human right. When will puritanical nosey governments ever learn?

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I am the perfect definition of big, bold and beautiful. I am Amber, you do not
need to zoom in on my full figure to get a glimpse of what you are likely to
miss if you pass me by. I am endowed in all the right places; my rich looking
boobs complement my well-rounded behind.

Location: Pinole, California
Contact: 925-325-2867

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The spam on this site is 100% out of control.

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I am available now in San Mateo, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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I overspent these last few months (3 trips in 6 weeks was probably a bad idea 😂), so I went out and drove for Uber last night to make a little cash.

I can say with absolute confidence that I rather suck dick for money then ever drive for them ever again.

I can't keep handing over my blood, sweat, heart & soul to entities like RB, NS and now PD so they can just suddenly vanish on a whim into the vast great unknown known...😢

I'll do everything your wife won't do!!! Because she won't do a cbj and refuse to make out...

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