Here's a tip for new providers entering Switter. Don't hashtag places where you aren't at!!! So if you are a NY gal then hashtag Don't also put in etc. You may say (fly me to you) if you want to cross the country to see a Client at their expense. A litany of cities/states is dumb unless you are touring. Then put the date next to each city! Hashtags is how we find YOU locally! Hint: in NYC are localities in NY

BTW, I've been back from vacay for a week. livin' and workin'

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I try to be a model Client. When I contact, I do so as requested by the provider. I provide screening info if requested (also member of p411 with many oks). I don't haggle. I am upfront about scheduling. I don't book unless I can (99% chance of) make it (nobodys perfect). I shower ahead or tell you if I need to when I get there. I dont do outcall (married remember, I gotta come to you). 80% On 20% - Travel's a bitch. Usually book 1 hr unless I really like you and have seen u b4.

PSA: Providers - in your switter listing put hashtags for your location (ex. etc.) also what you want people to contact you for don't out specific acts such as bbj or cim or cbj. Its against the Terms of Service. Don't forget tour dates & cities if you tour. Put contact info in each post too! It also helps to have pics, even if just selfies with or w/o face just to give ppl an idea

OK newbies, when making a amend my earlier statements about listng services like or since I have been told they're against the terms of service. BUT I believe the following sorts of things are OK: location, TYPE of service, looks, etc.

@Hennystaxx to make switter work for you it is a good idea to creare a that lists your approx. Location (for example or or on ) or at least put it in your profile. Use the search feature and type in to see how other providers put theirs up. Good luck!

For those of you who know me personally, I hope to see most, of not all of you again at least once this year. For those of you I have never met, who would like me to see them, email me:
I prefer to meet on in on Fridays in the morning/early afternoonbeforer 2pm Lets fill up my calendar for the year! Jan is already full! Hope you have an !

Sex is like pizza. Even when its bad its pretty good. That being said, there is no pizza better than NYC pizza (sorry Chicago, that deep dish stuff is good, but its not REAL PIZZA!) and guy here (born and bred)

I am flying out to Florida Wed morning w the wife and kid. Won't be back in for a few weeks. Might pop on here and there to boost a few profiles and say hi but otherwise I will be and off SW communique's for a lil while (2 weeks or so, will still answer emails intermittently tho). and !!!

@Sindeenyc is also a damn fine gal! I have seen her multiple times singly and she will knock your socks off! She is especially good in doubles (she has a LOT of friends). I saw her in concert with @PollieAmorous last year and was simply in heaven.

Its Friday! And I'm getting laid today!
Have I told anyone I love Switter yet?
Cuz I do. UTR TER refugees welcome! Booked up solid every Friday I was available for next few months. No pressure, I can just boost away all my SW friends. For those I have not set dates w yet, be patient, theres only one of me.

Where are my gals? Are you here? Shout out for a boost!

Hmmm, noticing tons of West Coast USA gals on here (switter) and tons of gals from all over. Where's my gals?

Hmm, Maybe we can make a hashtag here that would be useful for SWs to contact clients as "ads" using the tags like or or or what do you think ladies?


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