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5' 6" (yeah, I'm not a tall man)

140 lbs (but I'm in pretty good shape!)

46 yr old white guy

P411 Certified - 22 OKs ()


Stay Safe!

Hey Switthearts. Hope you all are well on lockdown. Let’s do dirty things soon.

Hey Swithearts! It’s been a minute but I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. Crazy times, huh?

We Are Super Bowl Champions Kansas City!!! 🎉🎊🎉🏈🎊🎉🏈🎊

Let’s Celebrate This Week Together Like None Other!!

2/3 - 2/10

📱: 816-288-3319
✅ Newbie Friendly
✅ Screening Required

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

In or Out Call
real massage table real massuse.
Erotic massage
Sensual massage
Prostate Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Got a Fetish (im fetish friendly within reason)
**Combo massage**

Monday thru Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am?
Sunday 9am?
If you want a earlier time or later let me know I do my best to accommodate my clients.

***repeats get treats***

314- 328-0946 text or call

Louis Missouri Rub Massage Massage Boobs

Oh god I’m hung over and horny and still recovering from surgery and if somebody could come over here and get my debit card and go to the ATM and withdraw their fee and come back and give me a blow job and let me just go back to sleep that would be great thanks

hey kids! just checking in. I'm recovering from surgery so kinda out of the game. still love you all and hope the world is treating you right.

Really needed to see somebody this week but work got in the way. Made a shitload of money though, so whenever I do get to see somebody we’re gonna have some fun.

I love a woman straddling me on a couch so I can worship her tits while she grinds on my cock. Well, that and blow jobs. duh

Hi Switter Peepers!!! ❤️

Happy Friday! TGIF! 😃

I hope everybody has a great day and a awesome weekend! 😍

I took this pic earlier when I was out and about.

🍈Boost and/or fav this if you can🍈

And as always it is appreciated!❤️

Heading to TEXAS and Kansas City is first!
Kansas City 5/15 3 pm - 16 noon! And 5/27-28!

Don't miss me! Time to have some kinky fun. I'm Natalie, a 27 year old natural blonde, 5'5'' / 34 D / Naturally Curvy. I am a college grad, wellness & yoga enthusiast, working on my next business venture! Plan in advance and ask about my $witter $pecial.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Contact: / / 763-260-1415


Hand bra's are awesome. They are always just the right size, they are always comfortable and they can give you a better cleavage than any Wonderbra... even if they are more impractical than seven inch stiletto's 🤭

Sign up to Tindra's premium Snapchat and subscribe to her X rated feed! You know it makes sense ✨

Louise 💋💋💋

Apparently if you follow somebody on here but don’t immediately buy something from them when they message you 17 times you are some kind of cheapskate. Jeez. That’s exactly how to not make money.

At the Rodeo in Houston and didn’t realize until today quite how badly I had it for short skirts and ropers.

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope yours didn’t include a phone call at midnight from your blocked crazy ass ex girlfriend from a new phone number.

Want an X-Mas present from yours truly that's (technically) 100% free? RT this & get the uncensored version sent directly to your DMs.

Holiday Specials!! Treat yourself with the tastiest, mouth watering, and most addicting candy of all!! Schedule now!!# Kansas City, !!, or call 816-384-7165

Hey kids! Been a minute since I was on here. Things have been... hectic.

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