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Vet wraps arrived!

Once I know how many rolls are needed for an extensive session with them, I will see if I need to ask for a contribution to them...

Okay, who is gonna be first? 😄

I am not sure if people actually search for this hashtag, but since I really like to plan individual and more extensive getaways: will you! 😊

My slave is a hero and saved a cyclist's life after a traffic accident yesterday!
He told me they "packaged" the guy for transportation to hospital which needed explanation.

Learning so much from my slaves! 😀

Got my new ropes! They look classy, are finally of the right length of 10m (well, rope is always too short!), and were greeted with the highest praise even before their first wash. Really lovely things that will serve me well for a while now. By "Baumwollseil" in 😊

This man has so clear ideas, comes with all the accessories, and is then really laid back to "let me do".
He tweeted pictures from one of our sessions :

When a new meeting is coming up, likes to send me pictures of this super cute fox!

His name is Shadz, this picture can be found on the artist's profile page at, and he looks STRIKINGLY like BondageBoy once I am done with him!

When it gets dark, I want to bring you here, well gagged and with your head in a hood, tie you to one of these very securely fixed to the ground chairs, bare your genitals, hurt your nipples, shock you with cold water splashes and smother you with my breasts.


Look what this boy did for me! He isn't my full time property, but when he applies for our annual meeting, I may order him into chastity before and well after the session. And his VERY well secured cock is marked with my name. Obviously I created my own code for his key safe!

He knows that it is special to be allowed to escort me to a concert!
He knows that he has to be and look his best on my side... And that currently, I am requiring a "corset", as he calls it.
He thinks it's just right to go to great lengths to please me!

There are so many things one can use a bed, a chair, a bathroom for - and 101 more if there is a plan so I bring the right things. There is some preparation required, but it's worth it!

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And here it is - that's how great a hotel session can turn out!

Although I am lately having the most of my sessions in well equipped dungeons and LOVE the convenience and possibilities -

I have always had a thing for hotel room meetings / going out with boys. Doing illicit things in licit surroundings...

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Reminiscending of this lovely adventure - outside on the terrace of Studio Elegance in , soft wind caressing my naked legs and his latex-sweaty body, and a good deal of fantasies nourished through gag and blindfold. This man is a playground in a class of his own 😊

Session footage from , Studio Elegance!
I love to force a body into positions of my choosing, to engrave myself in it with my ropes.

The importance of creativity and mutual joy is one of the things I learned from rope master Matthias Grimme.

"Can you take a picture of me?", this more than charming gentleman asked, deliciously enclosed in two layers of soft cotton cloth and several serious tension belts...

It was a lovely morning in Studio Centric, 😊

I travel a lot...

The lovely lady admiring my suitcase bondage makes intricate floral arrangements and we found that we share the creative drive and meditative mood that can come from arranging things - flowers or ropes over bare trembling flesh.

Has this all been too wishy-washy for you?

I am honest and straightforward - you may be the same and enquire via email or on the phone!
fraeulein.eder (at) gmail. com

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You may want to know how much bodily contact is possible with me:
A lot! This is about sex, and sensuality and feeling each other is a part of that.

Yet I am also very German in my approach: No direkt sexual actions will occur, and what's "indirect" is at my discretion ;)

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I really enjoy anything that enables me to enter your sexual mind and to have mutual fun!
I know most things any good domme knows, and what we actually do, depends on what happens between us.

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