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He knows that it is special to be allowed to escort me to a concert!
He knows that he has to be and look his best on my side... And that currently, I am requiring a "corset", as he calls it.
He thinks it's just right to go to great lengths to please me!

There are so many things one can use a bed, a chair, a bathroom for - and 101 more if there is a plan so I bring the right things. There is some preparation required, but it's worth it!

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And here it is - that's how great a hotel session can turn out!

Although I am lately having the most of my sessions in well equipped dungeons and LOVE the convenience and possibilities -

I have always had a thing for hotel room meetings / going out with boys. Doing illicit things in licit surroundings...

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Reminiscending of this lovely adventure - outside on the terrace of Studio Elegance in , soft wind caressing my naked legs and his latex-sweaty body, and a good deal of fantasies nourished through gag and blindfold. This man is a playground in a class of his own 😊

Session footage from , Studio Elegance!
I love to force a body into positions of my choosing, to engrave myself in it with my ropes.

The importance of creativity and mutual joy is one of the things I learned from rope master Matthias Grimme.

"Can you take a picture of me?", this more than charming gentleman asked, deliciously enclosed in two layers of soft cotton cloth and several serious tension belts...

It was a lovely morning in Studio Centric, 😊

I travel a lot...

The lovely lady admiring my suitcase bondage makes intricate floral arrangements and we found that we share the creative drive and meditative mood that can come from arranging things - flowers or ropes over bare trembling flesh.

Has this all been too wishy-washy for you?

I am honest and straightforward - you may be the same and enquire via email or on the phone!
fraeulein.eder (at) gmail. com

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You may want to know how much bodily contact is possible with me:
A lot! This is about sex, and sensuality and feeling each other is a part of that.

Yet I am also very German in my approach: No direkt sexual actions will occur, and what's "indirect" is at my discretion ;)

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I really enjoy anything that enables me to enter your sexual mind and to have mutual fun!
I know most things any good domme knows, and what we actually do, depends on what happens between us.

Let me show off some impressions of a looong session in Stuttgart /Studio Centric! This boy looked so handsome in rope and enjoyed being confined so noticeably. 😀 Maybe the bad pics don't account for that, but I'm glad to have them!

This picture was taken during a which I attended with my lovely .
BDSM workshops are a great place to acquire skills, learn things about myself, try out the things I will later do to my victims, and exchange experiences with others.
They don't cost much when you look at them from this viewpoint!

remains one of my dearest places for touristic moments. Both pictures show, to me, delicacy of the ordinary.

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Those are a few items I bought for an impromptu hotel session in . I had been traveling with domme-stuff, but not all that I might need!

When I permit my doggy to go out with me, I often order him camomile tea so his focus stays on his purpose when he is with me. And, I like it!

Good night, doggy...

Me when somebody fell asleep during heavy restriction play and sensory deprivation!
So damn relaxing 🤣

He said that he has had quite some experience with restrictive situations. For him, this mummification with duct tape was the most "extreme" experience so far.

I got my skills from @LadyVelvetSteel - if you are hooked and can make the way to Berlin, I recommend her!

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Sometimes I cannot help it. Especially when my "victim" is depersonalized, wearing a mask and gag or altogether enclosed. Then I get creative and amuse myself tremendously!

Model: lovely male who sent me the pictures I made with his camera

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