Do you know the Cadbury's Milk Tray ads?

Something like that happened to me actually!
Well, kinda kind of.

There I was, lying down for a nap in my casual indoor attire.
Slumbering innocently.

I woke with a start. I didn't know what on earth was happening.
But I captured the intruder after a brief struggle.

(Given that I am hopeless at wrestling, that was pretty good, wasn't it? 😉)

I battered him with the only thing I had at hand and then subdued him with rope and my dominant female musk.
It can overwhelm any man!

Once under my spell, he behaved like the perfect puppy. He served me wine like he had been trained to do it for a long time, and worshipped my feet and shoes.

(I gracefully let you see my shoe size here.)
(Yes he has been trained for a long time.)

So here we are! The chocolates come in handy when I want to take a moment of victorious rest, and I have a warm cosy body to put my feet or head on.
After all the lady loves Milk Tray and an obedient slave.

Happy all!

Photographer: - so good!

(So unfair that in those ads the lady always only gets the chocolate. Not the hottie.)

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