Oh, damn, about time, my Amazon wishlist should work now for shipping, stupid things some days.....

@pyramider no, actually. So my old shoes have been disintegrating in the heat.

@Firekitten OK, so I enjoyed our dialogue yesterday & when I saw this post today thought I'd give a quick look, see what you had on your wish list ...the first thing on the list is a
Big Powerful Thrusting Vibrator Dildo, Adult Sex Toys for Women Pleasure, Alona Rechargeable Silicone Clitorisl Vagina Stimulator Realistic Dilldo Massager
Color : Thrusting
2 Used ...I don't have a problem with that at all --- my question is:. Who sells a USED one? More importantly, who BUYS a USED one???

@Armandhammer1 hmmm, well, I guess toys aren't cheap and sometimes it's a real....need. Hope they use sanitizer???

@Firekitten yeah, I get trying to save some $$$, but... It's only $5 less than new, and EWWWWW!!!!

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