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Oh, damn, about time, my Amazon wishlist should work now for shipping, stupid things some days.....

And instead I've spent half the night listening to my roof leak like someone is peeing.....damn.

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Anyone who brings me a birthday gift gets a secret added bonus!! Fyi I love the pink store and Victoria secret especially their gift cards and ones

Location: Pismo Beach
Contact: 9167496478

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You know your best chance to catch me these days is by booking me with a friend 😉 email to screen + book

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“the very thought of you
has my legs spread apart
like an easel with a canvas
begging for art”

― Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Catch me in New Orleans before 2019 ends ;)

More photos and information at

Location: New Orleans, LA

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Hello lovelies, enjoy your day with a romantic GFE experience and be sure to have a wonderful moment 💦💦💦
Happy Moanday Switter 😘


Contact me on;
💌 💌
☎️ 512-549-4667 ☎️ (Text Only)

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Screening required!

12/9 3pm - midnight
12/10 6am - midnight
12/11 5am -7am

12/11 3pm - midnight
12/12 6am - midnight
12/13 5am - 8am

Only in Santa Barbara ( ventura listed only for search purposes)
12/13 3pm - midnight
12/14 5am - 9am

3235578834 TEXT ONLY

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10 days to get internet back, omg. Good to be back up!

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Im Trina, I’m a naturally busty spinner with class. You'll fall in love with my grey eyes, sexy smile, and infectious laugh. You may have watched my videos. Come explore your every curiosity in my soft embrace

Half Hour - 150
1 hour - 300

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If the rumors about T E R are true, perhaps it’s prudent to reiterate that I maintain a strict no-review policy. That’s never changing, no matter what changes happen elsewhere in the industry.

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Verizon/Yahoo Blocking All Attempts to Groups. Deletion: Dec.14

Yahoo banned all the email addresses that the Archive Team volunteers had been using to join Yahoo Groups in order to download data. Verizon has also made it impossible for the Archive Team to continue using semi-automated scripts ... which means each group must be re-joined one by one, an impossible task...

HN discussion:


#YahooGroups #Verizon #ArchiveTeam #Plexodus

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@Firekitten I was just on the board and I have this to report. I have to say kitten your sources have good information. BoardAdmin2 days ago8 reads
Yes, US profiles are back on the site and reviews are welcome.

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Now I need a gentleman friend that I could let my sexy lil freak side outta the cage 😘😈💋💋

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