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Switter Ladies,

We do not require gifts when we receive a visit because a visit is a gift enough...That's understood. 🤗

EXCEPT, some gentleman enjoy going out of their way for you... Having said that...

What gifts would you love to receive from a potential or regular Client??? 🎁

I'm sure the gents will be paying attention to these responses, so let's give them some ideas.

All the best,
🔥 SxySpanishMia🔥

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@SxySpanishMia Thanks for the kind words and encouragement for guys like me who flew early this morning and will be on the road much of the week. Ladies like you are a welcome oasis in a concrete world and I, for one, am grateful for you. I look forward to a visit one of these days when back in Dallas. Thanks once more for the engagement. Have a wonderful Tuesday. All the best!

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New bikini ( that I bought myself a year ago and finally opened today )

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I'm creating erotic photosets on Patreon. Pledge to support and join the community:

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Do i look good enough to eat?
P411 verified

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LoL, the mind of the hobbyist is not difficult to follow. Drinking my coffee this morning I am look my web site analytics for the last week.

Page with highest hits is of course photo page. Second most highest hits is Specials Page . Third most highest hits is about me the list goes on....most infrequent page looked at is the understanding screening page.


And we wonder why clients cant/wont fill out a simple form !!

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⭐️look just like my no surprises
⭐️Highly reviewed
⭐️Sensual & Erotic
⭐️Discretion is key
⭐️Reciprocation is fun!
⭐️Private luxury fully stocked location
⭐️I’ll come to you
⭐️Hot body, beautiful face & straight white smile
⭐️Wardrobe requests appreciated
Let’s get together!

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Full website coming ASAP! Post SESTA/FOSTA - in process of domain transfer, CMS migration, and outsourcing hosting. Contact me via email for addl. info, and creep my IG in the meantime. East Bay based, and as ethical, honest, and genuine as they come.

Day vs. night dichotomy, defined.

Location: San Francisco, California, Oakland, California
Contact:, IG @ elisesonora

If you’re aware anyone in our community who’s struggling with depression; don’t ignore it. We have a moral obligation to look out for safety & well being of everyone in our community. In a community that cares, no one gets forgotten; no one gets left behind.

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I have a client in my inbox haggling me.
He wants to pay me more than I initially quoted him bc I made a mistake in my price quote. That's the only kind of haggling you should ever, EVER do fellas.
Also, he's the gold standard for quality clients. I'm gonna DO things to him.

I attended a webinar hosted by technical staff at Twitter. Twitter will be enforcing a much stricter terms of use. They just started enforcing these new policies today. Make sure you’re not using nude images in your Avatar and banner. If you do that, you’ll be at risk of getting your account banned & deleted from Twitter.

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Be safe out there ❤️

I wanna make sure I’m keeping in touch with all my friends on SWitter on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter at this link below if you wish to follow me on Twitter too.

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Unedited shots are sometimes the best kind of shots. Come see me in 4/22-4/25

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Sexy sensual bodyrub by me in my private apt on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Today until 6pm...😍 😘

Location: NYC upper east side
Contact: (212)213-1495 or
More pictures/my friends:

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