Welp, boot repair place’s hours were listed wrong so I can’t get them resoled before My 48hr session & My orange hair dye is sold out everywhere.

When is mercury Gatorade over? I have too much stuff to do to have everything jumbled!

Today I’m taking My very well-loved over the knee leather boots to see if I can get them resoled and brought back to life. Thoughts & prayers please! 😅

Is there a word/name for being turned on by making a submissive eat really nasty things? 👀

And yes, this is foreshadowing.

Can’t wait to destroy this giant pathetic baby again next weekend ❤️ t.co/KLq7dKWKA1

Am I the only one that wants to use this on genitals? Imagine the possibilities 😂

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“Theragun gets me moving better, feeling better and playing better”

-Collin Morikawa, 2020 Major Champion

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If you aren’t subscribed to My AVNStars, this week is a good time to start! Next weekend is My 48 hr session & I’ll be posting all the fucked up things I subject My sissy to- you can expect cuckolding, forced bi, heavy sadism & degradation, merciless ass beatings , & more ✨

If you live in the US, fentanyl has been found in almost every street drug there is. Have narcan on hand if you use ANY DRUGS. This is hard reduction and I’m not interested in debating whether or not it’s a good idea to have it on hand in case of an emergency.

Available! Bare-Assed Full Weight Sensual Smothering in Latex - Princess Poison clips4sale.com/154645/24030893

I support this

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Okay hear me out, second Halloween in the SUMMER so we can actually dress as slutty as we want and do outdoor activities.

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Sometimes I think Stockroom.com is being nonconsensually sadistic on purpose because why else would a huge popular website be so slow & have so many errors when you try to use search? 😂

Especially because I have this right after it. I guess they don’t really want a session 🤷🏻‍♀️

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So weird to Me that instead of using the session request form that’s linked on every single page of My website, people will scour My site for the one place with My email address and try to request sessions that way.


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