Hello darlings~ I know that you've missed your goddess and that you're dying to see me. I now have a professional schedule and have recently updated my website to reflect that accordingly. If you'd like to see me, it is mandatory to check out my website! 😘

To my adoring fans and clients, I have an announcement to make. I have landed my dream job outside of this work! However, this means that with a heavy heart, I have to inform you that I will now be very low volume, & I will only be seeing my most favorite loves ❤️

RT @meetmarlalyons@twitter.com: No, seriously, read this. Even if you think you don’t need to. Much better to feel a bit embarrassed learning the necessary nuances of prepping yourself in the privacy of your twitter feed than someone telling your next reference you don’t know how to wash properly. twitter.com/charlotteou812/sta
🐦🔗: twitter.com/meetmarlalyons/sta

Listen. We're all very aware that has done absolutely nothing to stop human trafficking. The US federal government actually has sold children to human traffickers. It passed these bills to oppress everyone, including you. Sesta/Fosta is not only destroying many lives of independent sexworkers, it's destroying porn, dating sites, and women's ability to be publicly proud of their bodies. The hashtag women is banned. Is this the direction you want internet platforms to go?

If you want even a second of my time, you better play by my rules. Etiquette is of the highest importance, and if you can't prove that you're more than a sniveling worm then don't bother wasting my time. Only my most precious kitties get the privilege of begging at my feet~

By nature, I am a very sensual dominant. I offer harsher services upon request (and believe me, I LOVE being mean), but it still stands that I genuinely care for and respect my partners deeply, as they do me. Consent is always my priority and should be so for everyone! If I sense any less from an inquiry, don't expect a response ❤️

"A documentary from the PBS program "Frontline" said that the federal government has actually released some of the minors to human traffickers."

The US government has been literally selling children to human traffickers. helps how?


Upscale service at an unbeatable price, you'd be a fool to pass me up! Come and get me while I'm hot~ these rates could go up if this volume keeps up 🔥

Remember to bitches who say no black men in their advertising. Its against our ToS on .

RT @QueenChandrelle@twitter.com: I make the damn rules around here.

If you can’t give Me the respect I fucking deserve.

If you can’t acknowledge I am above you.

If you can’t sacrifice your money, time, pain and occasionally your dignity.







I'm very proud of my independence, but even this goddess has desires outside of her reach sometimes. I have two things that I would be *so* grateful for! One is a therapeutic massage. (I've never had one before!) The other, with swimming season right around the corner, is a new bathing suit! If you'd like to spoil me, my website with all my info is on my profile ;)

Indy Companion is a collective of independent private companions based in Montreal. Some of us offer our services in Ottawa, Québec city and all over the world. All are independent, which means you need to contact us individually. Meet us all: indycompanion.com

Man: "... because it's our first time, let's not go too crazy."
Me: "Define "too crazy."
Also me: (see picture)

I'm feeling really to officially be one of the amazing folks at Indy here in . You can now view my info on their website!

indycompanion dot com

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