Just listing some of my favorite acronyms;


Thought I would share for no reason

So happy
I just wanted to share some exciting news for myself!!!
I weighed in today my second week of Weight Watchers and I am down 8.6 pounds in one week !!-
The first week was not that successful but I stuck to it and this week was an awesome week!

I'm so excited I just want to share it not that any of you really care lol but I am so excited I just want to share with everybody

Have a great day!!!
Here is me with my first 5 pound charm!

It’s so hard to choose how and with whom to indulge with as a low volume customer. Go to who you know and have a connection with or explore other options. I know, first world problems.

If we want to take the sex industry forward, then we need to leave behind the hobbyist mentality that spoke about SWs as though they were commodities and pressured SWs into performing services that put them at increased health risk. The future of the sex industry is one where the rights of sex workers are central: we deserve respect as well as the right to a safe work environment.

I wonder why gifs don’t play for me on here. Anyone have any suggestions?

I want to just send a message of support for all the hard working women who are feeling the crunch right now. I wish I was able to show real support and book some appointments right now but I have to do some planning first. Keep your head up and try to weather the storm. You’re good people that don’t deserve the treatment you receive in our society. Fight the good fight and know there are people who have your back. Reach out for support of any kind if you need it.


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